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Insight Integrated Systems had recently rebranded their name to Red8. But to effectively express the forward-thinking message of their new brand, they needed a strong digital presence.

A brand new start.

Red8 helps organizations meet their ever-evolving business needs by combining the right IT solutions with bold problem-solving skills. To create an equally bold brand, we mobilized our strategy, design, marketing, and development teams to make it happen.

Finding their voice.

To help Red8 stand out in a market filled with countless IT competitors, our strategy team established a messaging framework and brand voice that shifted the focus from the technology to Red8’s people—their core differentiator and true competitive advantage.

Red8 Team

Responding to the future.

Our UI/UX, design, and development teams worked side-by-side to transform an outdated site into a technically-advanced, responsive experience. The design components broke away from typical responsive approaches to deliver a truly innovative and unique way to showcase content seamlessly across any platform.

Site Layout

Humanizing the IT experience.

Engaging non-technical decision makers along with IT experts was key to driving new business. So we created an omnichannel content strategy that took both audiences into account and drove targeted engagement across everything from whitepapers and video to social media and events.


When we created the new Red8 visual identity, our existing site did not reflect the true brand story we wanted to convey. From exceptional user experience to clear brand presentation, Axis41 delivered exactly what we needed to communicate with our audience.

Richard Heard
President, Red8
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