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With over 2.5 million readers every month, Outside Magazine’s editors and authors pride themselves on their award-winning reputation. But to translate their success to digital, they needed a website rewrite.

Bringing the Outside experience—online.

Outside has built a solid institution from the quality and quantity of their content. For over thirty years, they’ve been America’s go-to source for articles on adventure, sports, travel, health, fitness, and the style and culture of the outdoors.

So when their industry began to shift from print to digital, Outside had no intention of losing any part of their market share. But to live up to the standards they’d worked hard to set, they had to match their customer’s online expectations to their offline experiences.

Outside Magazine in print and digital formats.

Geared up for higher performance.

To support the volume of content published to the site, our web development team implemented the Clickability CMS platform, setting up specified user workflows to make authoring easier. Now the site offers a better, more fluid experience for both readers and Outside’s content authors.

A boot. Screenshots of outsideonline.com

Despite the large amount of content we had to migrate into the Clickabilty platform, the Axis41 development team managed the process flexibly and expeditiously. They conformed to our internal process and designed platform modifications to ensure that the end result met our business needs.

Joe Spring,
Assistant Editor, Outside Magazine
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