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As the network specialist, Ciena transforms what the network makes possible for organizations all over the world. Their story might start with technology, but it really ends with people. Creating brand experiences
that tell that story has always been goal number one.

Proof that long-term relationships pay off.

As Ciena's agency of record for over 13 years, we've seen them become a billion dollar company, impacting billions of network users. From day one, our goal has always been to help them achieve their business goals. To help them connect with their customers in ways that keep them coming back for more. From brand and messaging strategy to digital and environmental experiences, we've helped support their growth every step of the way.

Turning technical conversations into emotional connections.

When Ciena engages with their customers, especially on an executive level, the experience is everything. To deepen on-site customer conversations, we designed and implemented fully-interactive environmental experiences that help communicate Ciena's game-changing innovations and strategically strengthen customer relationships.

  • 3 continents
  • 7 custom installs
  • 6 million pixels

Making a point.

In their quest to unlock the full potential of the network, Ciena pioneered 'Pinpoint'— a network monitoring solution that changed the way carriers found and addressed network issues. To drive product awareness and sales, we created a solution video that translated a highly technical story into a business-driving one.

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Front row seats to the future.

Every year Ciena holds a premier 'hands-on' event at their innovation labs in Ottawa that gives industry leaders a sneak peak into what the future of the network holds. To entice the right C-level audience to attend, we created a multidimensional DM campaign inviting executives to an exclusive F1 VIP experience in nearby Montreal. Everyone we engaged, attended—a 100% conversion rate.

Red Bull Racing Renault RB8

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Bill Rozier
VP of Global Marketing, Ciena
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