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Asahi Refining is the world's leading provider of precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products. To help showcase their global success, Asahi needed a visual identity and online presence that matched their superior model for refining precious metals.

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Setting the gold standard.

With nearly 200 years of experience, Asahi draws on its legacy of expertise and commitment to perfection to provide its clients with exceptional products. To help express that level of distinction, we built a strikingly elegant website that emulates the organization’s dedication to excellence.

Raising the bar.

Our design teams worked to craft a new visual identity for Asahi, which required a careful balance of preserving the legacy of the brand while imbuing it with the latest design principles. The Asahi logo creates added intrinsic value above the market price of the commodity on which it is stamped, a clear case of a brand amplifying the value of the product itself.

Precious things come in small packages.

Asahi’s refineries produce the largest amount of precious metals in North America. In order to remain true to the brand, we designed product packaging that mirrors the simplistic elegance of the new site and the overall refinement of Asahi’s products.

Asahi gold bars

Accessing a gold mine of information.

Our technology and web architecture team assessed the organization’s needs and provided key insights into the selection of the WordPress CMS. We implemented a technology platform that is user-friendly and allows Asahi to communicate to its audience its true brand value.

Asahi gold mine

Crafting a sophisticated yet simple voice.

Our content strategy teams wrote copy augmenting Asahi’s new identity and matching the new level of visual elegance. Now the site is both personalized and relevant for Asahi’s varied target audience.

“When we found that our mission to always put customers at the forefront aligned with Axis41’s core belief that the future of an organization depends on the ability to create lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers, we knew we had made the right choice.”

Grant Angwin
President, Asahi Refining
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