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Business leaders count on for the expert information they need to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. As Adobe grew, their thought leadership profile did too. This called for a website redesign.

Evolving to meet expansion.

In 2009, Adobe launched to provide thought leadership to busy marketers, to help them keep pace with the ever-changing digital-marketing landscape. As the reach of Adobe Experience Cloud expanded to include roles across their customers’ organizations, they created content to match. But it was published across multiple Adobe websites, making it difficult for business leaders to locate. We redesigned to streamline their content and to engage their broader audience. desktop screenshot

Connecting and personalizing experiences.

One of our primary redesign objectives was to create a connected customer experience across Adobe thought leadership platforms. Our goal was to increase readership not only within, but also within the greater Adobe ecosystem. To achieve this, we restructured the site to ensure that content was properly tagged and organized, which allowed for dynamic personalization that increased engagement. We also ensured that every article contained a link to move the reader deeper into Adobe content.

Illustration of a curved chart.

Lifting designs to match reputation.

Since their last redesign, had become visually outdated, and no longer in step with Adobe world-class design standards. So although their content was as expertly-written as ever, they ran the risk of appearing out of step with cutting-edge trends. Updating the design was critical in maintaining their thought leader status and increasing readership. Using shared components from the Adobe brand library, we brought the site into alignment, and then pushed the design language to create a distinct identity for

A boot.

Putting designs to the test.

To discover how customers would react to our re-imagined experience, we ran multiple rounds of online usability tests. By tracking users’ interactions with our designs, and monitoring feedback they provided while using particular site features, we were able to learn which delivery methods and content formats work best for busy C-suite readers. We also learned how users would search for content, if our taxonomy resonated with users of various backgrounds, and what would keep users engaged with content and come back for more.

Powering up the platform. is powered by products within Adobe Experience Cloud that work together seamlessly. We built the site on Adobe Experience Manager, which enables content authors to easily deliver personalized content. With Adobe Target, authors can discover what different readers want, then deliver the right content at the right time. Adobe Analytics gives them insight into the performance of their efforts, so they can identify what works, and where they need to make adjustments. And with Adobe Audience Manager, they can better understand their key audience segments and identify more high-value engagement opportunities.

In the days following the launch of the new experience we saw:

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