Website Development

Website design is at the heart of Axis41’s services. What began as simply another messaging tool is now the center of most every company’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re an e-commerce business for whom your website is your virtual store, or an enterprise B2B, your website is essential for awareness, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Axis41 has been designing websites since its inception, and our skills and experience in site design of all types are deep. Unlike many agencies, we have built a team that understands every stage of the website creation process, from CMS integration to UI/UX development and the latest in design, while focusing on the most important part of any site: conversion. We understand that every element of your site is there to serve one ultimate goal, which is delivering customer conversions—however your company defines that.

Our website design experience includes large B2C e-commerce sites such as and, lead-capture B2B sites for clients such as Adobe, Ciena, and Sidera, and thought-leadership sites for Best Buy and Our Web design and development teams are leaders in their field with knowledge of the latest design techniques, programming languages, SEO requirements, and user experience needs.

Our Web Expertise Includes:

  • Responsive design
  • Mobile site design
  • HTML, HTML5, Java, Java EE, JSP, CQ5, RESTful Web services, SOAP Web services, NoSQL, MySQL, SQL, AWS, jQuery, ExtJS, XHR, HTML5, RPC, PHP, system architecture, client-side Web development, integrations, data migration
  • Search engine optimization
  • UI/UX testing and architecting
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