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Consumers expect seamless, personalized experiences across every touch point and on all of their devices. Marketers need the right tools to meet customer demands for every step along the way, while offering truly unique and relevant experiences time and time again. Simply using social media, email, and video, among other channels, to connect with consumers is not enough. Today’s marketing is all about engaging consumers with the right offers and messages, catered precisely to their interests at the right time. Adobe Campaign is a multi-faceted solution that gives you the tools you need to reach your specific audiences with targeted data.

Axis41 helps optimize organizations’ use of Adobe Campaign

Take full advantage of Adobe Campaign with the experience, knowledge, insight, and high-level skill that Axis41’s team has to offer. Axis41 partners with Adobe to help you manage, plan, automate, and measure your marketing efforts across every channel.

Using Adobe Campaign, Axis41 can help you create a single view of your customer and segment audiences based on relevant profile backgrounds including preferences, past behaviors, and trending patterns. We can help you leverage Adobe Campaign to increase engagement levels and ROI through optimized inbound and outbound marketing. We can also help you align all of your content in a coherent and consistent experience for customers on every channel—ensuring that your offers and messages are delivered at the right time.

With Axis41 and Adobe Campaign together, you can:

  • Create customer journeys with simple workflows and create targeted marketing strategies in one place
  • Alter campaigns at any time—beginning, middle, or end—to respond to new customer insights and adapt to customers’ evolving needs
  • Merge all customer data into one profile, giving you a comprehensive and complete view of the customer across channels
  • Focus on marketing to consumers rather than channels to create cross-sell and up-sell programs
  • Define audience segments from integrated and dynamic customer profiles
  • Track changes in customers’ activities in real time and instantly alter profiles and segments based on new behaviors and patterns
  • Monitor campaign performance based on offers to optimize strategies for each audience
  • Use various formats such as lists, graphs, cubes, and more to view your reporting data

Axis41 partners with Adobe to make the most of the Adobe Campaign solution, assisting marketers in creating long-lasting and engaging customer relationships. For more information on how to execute personalized marketing campaigns at every touch point with Adobe Campaign’s comprehensive solution, contact a member of our expert team today.

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