AEM Mobile

The demand for business-essential mobile apps has grown, and Adobe continues to be at the forefront. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile fully integrates your existing AEM content and marketing data to bridge the ravine between what used to be two separate, sometimes competing channels, and empower your mobile advantage.

As a proud Adobe Business-Level Partner, Axis41’s expert mobile team has been an advocate of AEM Mobile since its inception, and we’re excited to begin integrating the incredibly powerful, vitally important business technology for our own clients. By combining digital publishing solutions for mobile devices with app development using the robust multi-platform Apache Cordova framework, Adobe’s AEM Mobile is transforming and revolutionizing how mobile is done.

The three key components of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

  • Easily build and manage beautiful, engaging apps that tackle business challenges.
  • Harness the power of Adobe Marketing Cloud for full integration and insights.
  • Produce multi-platform apps that change the way you do business—quickly and easily.

AEM Mobile comes with purpose-built solutions to tackle the most common barriers that make the dive into mobile a major pain point for businesses. The multi-platform Apache Cordova is open source using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. It allows our clients to avoid expensive platform-specific specialists and time consuming iterations for each device—effectively saving money and time by building just one app that works across devices.

The key strength of AEM Mobile is full integration with AEM and its family of products like Adobe Analytics. Leverage the robust analytics, engaging personalized content, and scalable marketing potential of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. There is no reason not to go mobile—and we’re here to help get you there.

What can AEM Mobile do for you?

1. An engaging mobile experience

Create fresh mobile content, or draw existing assets from AEM (or any CMS) to create a unified, consistent experience across every channel.

2. Integrate and enhance

Extend your reach and scalability by easily integrating with design and functionality plug-ins or third-party APIs to cut down time to market and connect with critical business systems.

3. Manage and publish apps

Take full control of your apps on one unified dashboard, no matter what device or platform.

4. Measure and improve

Leverage the power of the fully integrated Adobe Marketing Cloud to run built-in analytics to measure results, see ROI, deliver better personalized experiences, and drive impactful engagements.

Contact us for a free consultation with one of our AEM Mobile architects now, and learn how vitally essential the move to mobile has become.

Or for more information on managing and maintaining websites with AEM Mobile, including authoring tips and other advice to help you leverage AEM Mobile to its full potential, visit our AEM Podcast blog or filter by AEM on the Axis41 blog.

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