AEM Maintenance and Management Services

As an Adobe Partner, Axis 41 offers fully integrated solutions for ongoing website infrastructure support after your AEM implementation. Our dedicated AEM team provides everything you need for full-service application management, including 24-hour monitoring, system management, monthly service health reports, as well as incident management packages for customer-managed infrastructures.

The Axis 41 AEM team offers three comprehensive support packages, with each tier providing increasing levels of AEM infrastructure maintenance and management: Standard, Extended, and On-Demand support.

Standard On-Demand
System management for QA, stage, and production environments
Primary Domain Mapping
Creation of Route53 entries for initial domain mapping
Apache Configuration
Apache configuration such as URL rewrite rules
Dispatcher Filtering
Dispatcher filtering and caching rules
CQ replication configurations
Release management of packages to production environment
Security and firewall management
Health Reports
Ongoing performance and health monitoring with monthly service health reports
Monthly Upgrades
Monthly server upgrades and patches
System backups and restorations in event of a rollback or failure
24 Hour Monitoring
24-hour uptime monitoring and Tier 2 support
Setup Consultation
Consult on setup of local / customer-managed AEM instances
Custom solutions for migration and management
Domain Mapping
Route53 / DNS entries and mapping beyond primary domain
Benchmarking system performance and load tolerance
AWS Training
Training for AWS setup and management
Incident Support
Incident support packages for customer-managed infrastructures
Developer Support
Support and analysis for ongoing development activities
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