Adobe Experience Manager Implementation

aem-engagementsSuccessfully executing an enterprise-level Adobe Experience Manager (formerly called Adobe CQ5) implementation requires a technical team that understands the unique development challenges a custom CMS poses, and a creative team experienced in component-driven design. This integrated approach results in an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation that delivers relationship-building digital experiences for your customers, and an easy-to-use content authoring experience for your marketers.

As an Adobe Business-Level Partner, Axis41’s experienced team of AEM-certified architects, developers, and designers works closely together at every crucial point in the implementation process to ensure your deployment provides:

  • An online experience that will drive profitable relationships with your customers.
  • A custom authoring interface that will allow your marketing teams to take full advantage of Adobe Experience Manager’s capabilities to create, deliver, and optimize personalized digital experiences.

With more than 25 implementations and 80 project engagements to date, including many for Adobe’s own corporate websites, Axis41’s technical and creative teams are experts in delivering Adobe Experience Manager implementations that will maximize your investment by easing the burden on your IT departments, and empowering your marketers with the content and campaign control they need to increase sales and profitability.

The Axis41 team is an official Gold Sponsor of the 2013 and 2014 Adobe Digital Marketing Summits and was featured at the 2012 Adobe Summit as a standout Adobe CQ Web Development Agency. Axis41 also partners with Amazon Web Services, a robust, secure, and scalable managed services platform—offering maximum uptime from a proven services provider with any of our Adobe Experience Manager implementations.

Adobe Experience Manager Services:

  • Standard development
    • HTML/CSS template development
    • Components
    • Content and design dialogs
    • Custom widgets
    • Scaffolding
    • Workflows
    • Users/groups/roles
    • Custom replication design
    • Taxonomy
    • Campaigns/segmentation/newsletters
  • Large data migrations from external systems
  • Custom authentication mechanisms including SAML, LDAP, Salesforce Federated Authentication, and social media (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Integration with other software systems (e.g. Salesforce, Eloqua or, etc.)
  • Custom integrated administration tools to meet the special needs of each business
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud integrations
  • AEM/CQ5 platform architecture and site structure
  • Modular cohesive designs utilizing OSGi
  • Deployment, hosting, and infrastructure maintenance
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Full breadth of creative and UI/UX services

We also provide fully customized demos that allow you to experience your existing website as an Adobe Experience Manager instance.

Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

When integrated with the digital marketing tools of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager becomes a powerful platform for attracting, engaging, and converting customers all across the digital landscape.

Integrating Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Marketing Cloud enables you to:

  • Measure, analyze, and optimize all customer interactions with Adobe SiteCatalyst.
  • Execute tests, create audience segments, and target content to continually improve relevance and yield greater conversion with Adobe Test&Target.
  • Automate and scale the delivery of dynamic content across all channels with Adobe Scene7.
  • Access a holistic view of social activity and brand engagement to optimize across paid, owned, and earned media to drive business results with Adobe Social.
  • Optimize site search to improve visitor search experiences with Adobe Search&Promote.
  • Manage digital data assets enterprise-wide to maintain the most relevant and accurate data with Adobe Audience Manager.
  • Analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving data in real time, from any source (including data warehouses and business intelligence tools) with Adobe Insight.

Please contact us for a free consultation with one of our AEM-certified architects.

Or for more information on managing and maintaining websites with Adobe Experience Manager, including authoring tips and other advice to help you leverage AEM to its full potential, visit our AEM Podcast blog or filter by AEM on the Axis41 blog.

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