Persona Development

Effective content marketing across all channels—including your own website—requires a precise, well-articulated understanding of your customer. Axis41 has refined persona development to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t so that you maintain a clear picture of every segment that drives the growth of your organization. Our process enables strategists, writers, designers, and creatives to deliver effective content, and it enables Web architects and IT professionals to obtain the necessary input for robust development.

Axis41 persona development will provide you with figurative models that resemble real users and consumers, even down to background information, personal history, and photos. The reality of each persona encourages empathy with the customer and facilitates thinking from a user perspective. Effective and efficient creation of a website, site redesign, CMS implementation, or high-level content marketing strategy requires persona development to deliver value on your investment.

Our Methodology:

  • Business goals clarification and roadmap
  • User role brainstorming and ranking
  • User role detailing (context, characteristics, criteria)
  • Persona Development for highest priority roles
  • Content and navigation map development
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