Perception Audit

If you aim to use your marketing spend to create and deliver assets that target the right people at the right time, then getting to know what those people think about your organization is a requisite step in the overall process. Understanding how your company is perceived—within a market and against the competition—is essential to deliver superior value to your customers. The perception of your brand, products, promotions, services, and position in the market all have a direct impact on how people will respond to your marketing efforts.

Axis41 conducts large or small perception audits depending on your business needs. Concise, qualitative analyses will provide a strong indication of the likely attitudes of most customers. Quantitative, statistically driven exercises will ensure that all segments are evaluated, providing a more holistic view that works in tandem with qualitative analysis.

A perception audit is a strategic marketing option that delivers real value before a major push, during the course of a campaign, and after an effort has run its course. Our audit will provide you with a baseline against which to measure future marketing efforts, so you can see real results on your marketing spend.

Our Methodology:

  • Customer identification
  • Questionnaire development
  • Telephone and/or in-person interviews
  • Results analysis and presentation
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