Web Strategy

A strong digital presence is as critical to your company’s success as the products you sell. At the center of it all is your website—one of the most valuable properties you can own and the communication touch point people often seek first. It is where you put your brand personality on display. It is where you tell your story, differentiate yourself, and capture the minds of your customers if it’s approached strategically.

Axis41 begins by developing a deep understanding of key audiences, analytics, current trends, business objectives, and the competitive set. With this understanding in mind, we provide high-level guidance that extends to nearly every component of your site—from emotional and intriguing content, to in-depth functionality, calls to action, and incredible user experiences.

Our methodology:

  • Interview primary stakeholders
  • Research audience, competitive set, and other key elements
  • Analyze market, current environment, and relevant data
  • Define high-level, strategic direction
  • Define supporting tactics
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