Visual Identity

Message + Visual = Brand

Simply put, a brand is a story. It places images, thoughts, and emotions within the mind and heart of your employees, partners, and current and potential customers. In most cases, your customers’ first experience with your brand is visual. How your organization appears visually often opens the door to a deeper relationship.

The words, images, and elements of a compelling brand story attach themselves to an individual’s psyche and a culture’s mores. The outcome of this attachment creates loyalty, conviction, and evangelism for your brand. The net result can be a lasting relationship with your customers.

From content marketing campaigns to complete corporate brand style guides, Axis41 designs visual experiences that are based on simplicity. Enhancing your customers’ visual interaction with your brand can eliminate hesitation and build an emotional loyalty with your organization.

Elements of our Visual Identity System:

  • Corporate signature creation: logo mark and type
  • Color treatment strategy: primary and secondary palette
  • Typography usage: primary and secondary fonts for Web and print
  • Competitive analysis
  • User interface and user experience analysis
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