Every name within your organization is an asset. From your brand, product, service and solution trademarks, to company divisions and even employee titles, how you present yourself plays a critical role in the way the world perceives your brand—and directly affects the likelihood of engagement. Your naming sets the tone for your audience; it conveys personality and attaches true meaning to your brand.

Axis41 uses a proprietary nomenclature process to create unique, ownable names that accurately and appropriately convey your brand story.

We work directly with key stakeholders to understand your vision, and ensure everything we do fits within your unique brand strategy and ecosystem. Our proven approach addresses naming architecture, tone, type, and linguistic conventions to provide you options that differentiate you from your competitors.

The result: a memorable name that meets business objectives.

Our Methodology:

  • Brand/business strategy review
  • Thought well creation
  • Generate long list
  • URL review (where applicable)
  • Client review/short list creation
  • Preliminary trademark review*

*Axis41 does not provide legal advice.

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