Message Architecture

The creation of lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and your customers is Axis41’s primary objective. Developing a focused message platform to elicit both rational and emotional interaction with your brand is the foundation for lasting customer relationships.

Axis41 has developed a unique process for building a clear brand voice. This process engages appropriate stakeholders within your organization to define your message hierarchy and create consensus.

We call the outcome of this process a message architecture and it serves as a scalable foundation for creating content marketing campaigns for your prospects, customers, and staff. The message architecture allows you to address individual target personas with relevant messages no matter where they are in the sales cycle.

Elements of Message Architecture

The following elements can be developed for a company, division, product, or service level communication:

  • Positioning statement (the why, how, and what you do)
  • Point of innovation
  • Personality traits
  • Company value proposition
  • Benefits statement
  • Features
  • Tactical support points
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