Website Architecture

As the foundation of your digital presence, your website performs a wide variety of key business functions. It is also typically the first touch point you have with your customer and provides the launchpad for their digital relationship with you.

At Axis41, we help you strategically define and prioritize your online business-critical objectives. Using these objectives as our road map, we develop a website framework that not only allows your organization to successfully achieve its business and marketing goals, but also creates an environment that will foster a long-term profitable relationship with your customers.

Our Methodology:

  • Collaboratively define business goals
  • Identify user types and needs
  • Outline content map
  • Create navigational structure
  • Build detailed site map

By starting with your strategic end goals, we empower your website to be what it should be—your most valuable business tool.

Next Up | UI/UX: Putting your framework to work.