Content Strategy

For Axis41, content strategy encompasses much more than just good design and clever copy on your website or marketing campaigns. Content strategy is the comprehensive approach an organization must take to ensure that all creative content is collectively driving a narrowly defined business strategy. In short, all communication should be tactically cultivating customer relationships.

To that end, we help you in formulating an across-the-board content strategy that aligns with your business imperatives. This typically starts with your website and extends to any and all marketing efforts—from digital to traditional to mobile. And most importantly, we work together to ensure that your multichannel content strategy connects the right content with the right people at the right time.

Our Methodology:

  • Define strategic direction
  • Perform discovery and audit of existing content
  • Develop content creation and management plan
  • Identify key messaging themes
  • Identify delivery channels and media

By allowing your content strategy to direct your marketing efforts rather than piecing together content ad hoc, you will realize rapid and increased ROI from your marketing spend.

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