Axis41’s got Sitecore implementation down to a 5-step science


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Implementing the Sitecore Experience Platform can be time consuming and complicated. To ensure that the implementation is seamless, and that your organization can take advantage of everything the CMS has to offer, you’ll need to enlist a team of experts. At Axis41, our highly qualified software engineers are trained to execute complex and robust Sitecore Experience Platform implementations. And they’ll work directly with your CMS users to ensure that their needs are met—every step of the way.

Axis41’s 5-step Sitecore experience platform implementation process

1. Define problem areas and establish objectives

First, we’ll help you determine the limitations your current CMS places on your marketing objectives. Understanding what your current system lacks will help us identify what Sitecore functions and processes will help you best to reach your marketing goals and objectives for shifting to Sitecore. Our experts will educate your team on everything Sitecore has to offer, so you can take an active role in setting up the CMS to align with your marketing vision.

2. Coordinate and maximize resources

Organized teams with clearly defined roles and the tools to keep them streamlined and on task will ensure your implementation goes as planned. We’ll provide a core project management team as well as a tactical deployment team. With the task management tool they select for the process, such as Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence, team members are empowered to meet critical deadlines and keep the implementation moving forward.

3. Develop plans and processes

Having a clear plan up front helps you stick to efficient processes and timelines. Our project managers and their teams will help you develop procedures that will keep your Sitecore implementation running smooth. By planning ahead, you’ll stay on track to meet major deadlines and bring any issues to light early, eliminating unnecessary tasks and saving you time and money.

4. Make and manage migration timelines

A migration process can mean periods of extended downtime that lead to lost ROI. But we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ll develop a migration roadmap to minimize missteps while transitioning your organization to the new CMS. From there, we’ll work with you to create a timeline that will help you allocate resources that may need to fluctuate at different stages of the project. Finally, we’ll determine hard stop dates for usage of legacy systems to ensure that your organizational teams transition at the same time.

5. Deliver specifications

Just as no two organizations are exactly alike, neither are any two Sitecore implementations. So we’ll make sure that upon completion of your implementation, you’ll have a CMS that is optimized to help you meet the specific marketing goals of your organization.

And to ensure that content migration, digital properties, and usability meet the highest standards at every stage of the implementation, our quality assurance team will be there to continually perform detailed testing.

See if Axis41 is the right Sitecore implementation partner for you.

Implementing the Sitecore Experience Platform is a large undertaking. At Axis41, we’ll work with you side-by-side to ensure the implementation is done on time and on budget. Our software engineers will work with you to create and implement a Sitecore environment specific to your needs. To learn more about our implementation processes, our team, or our experience, please contact us today.