“The Company Website is Making a Comeback”

WIRED explores the value of using your website to build digital relationships.

Topics: Web Design, Web Development

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have always been a double-edged sword. They are without question powerful channels for engaging your customers, but they do so at a cost—namely, by limiting your ability to control the conversation. A conversation that can heavily influence your brand, for better or worse.

In a recently published article, Wired points out how this inherent weakness has spurred more and more organizations to re-focus their customer relationship-building efforts back to old faithful—the company website. By aggregating social media feeds to the corporate site and creating a Web presence that is more user-optimized and personal, they are allowing customers to actively participate in their brand while still maintaining full control of it.

It’s a win-win for all. A fact further reiterated by RebelMouse CEO, Paul Berry, who notes, “the people who actually care about you are the ones who visit your site.”

We’re sure websites everywhere are smugly celebrating.

The question is: Is yours one of them? If not, we’re here to help your website make a glorious and profitable comeback.

Read the Wired article here.