What is the Best CMS for Your Business: AEM, Clickability and WordPress

Clickability - Adobe Experience Manager - WordPress

Topics: Content Management Systems (CMS)

In today’s market, Web presence is key. So much that entire businesses are functioning solely on the Web. Is your organization’s site the very best it could be, utilizing the most efficient and robust resources available? The answer is probably no. The Axis41 team wants to share a brief overview of what we consider the best CMS platforms depending on your business size and needs—from Adobe Experience Manager to WordPress.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Typically chosen by large, enterprise-size businesses, Adobe Experience Manager takes the cake in providing an online portal to drive and cultivate profitable relationships with customers.

If your organization is looking for a site platform that really does it all, here it is. Its advanced functionality and back-end state-of-the-art architecture requires a qualified team of Adobe Experience Manager Implementation experts to maintain. But, when it comes to finding a platform that provides comprehensive site editing and updating capabilities, extensive site metrics, and tools to really capitalize on ROI, AEM is a choice that won’t disappoint.

This component-based platform allows for clean, consistent design and functionality—not to mention, its content editing capabilities are easy to learn for any site editor. AEM has seamless e-commerce integration capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with other software systems such as Eloqua and Salesforce. With the AEM platform, you can utilize other cutting-edge Adobe solutions from the Adobe Marketing Cloud, such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe Test&Target, Adobe Social, and many more to optimize on your customer interactions.

Axis41 has assisted with several AEM implementations as an Adobe Business Level Partner. Please contact the Axis41 team of AEM experts to learn more about how AEM can be customized to meet unique business needs.


This robust, cloud-based platform enables users to create large websites in organized, intuitive ways—allowing for quick content loading and updating. Time is money; Clickability provides a valuable, streamlined process for mass content editing. This is especially significant for companies that own multiple domains containing similar content pieces (for example, global companies that provide the same site in dozens of languages). With Clickability, site managers can categorize, tag and update content in bulk.

Clickability’s content management capabilities allow for compelling experiences for all site visitors regardless of their device. This SaaS platform has the capability to detect visitors’ devices and render an organized site tailored to their screen size—maintaining a compelling visitor experience.

With the Clickability Website Marketing Acceleration feature, site owners also have access to metrics and reporting for campaign tracking, visitor data, lead scoring, and more.

As an experienced Clickability Partner, Axis41 is a great resource for Clickability support at all levels of a website’s content lifecycle. Learn more about Clickability’s capabilities and how it can meet your organization’s need by contacting the Axis41 team of Clickability experts.


For many businesses, both large and small, a less expensive option is WordPress. In fact, 23 percent of the top 10 million websites are powered by WordPress. This open-source software provides a well-designed and very easy-to-use CMS. It is continuously updated with new features and its large community of users provides countless handy plugins and development resources.

WordPress is typically most cost-effective to maintain compared to the larger, more robust platforms—such as AEM and Clickability—which may require platform experts. And with tools like Google Analytics, you can still have insight into your site’s metrics, though not as extensive as Adobe Analytics (formerly called Adobe SiteCatalyst).

Axis41 has a team of 20 WordPress experts who have built dozens of WordPress implementations for both small and large businesses. If you’d like a custom-designed theme, we are well experienced there too, and can both design and create your custom WordPress site. Because of our experience, the Axis41 WordPress team knows the ins and outs of maintaining a WordPress site and following security best practices.

Selecting a CMS

When choosing a website platform for a new CMS implementation, it all comes down to your organization’s needs and site requirements. The Axis41 CMS and Web architects can help you discover which CMS is right for your needs as well as help implement, maintain and train your team on it. Contact us for more information and assistance on selecting a CMS today.