How Your Most Underutilized Resource Is Key to Better Marketing (Hint: It’s Your CMS)

Topics: Adobe Experience Manager, Content Management Systems (CMS), Sitecore

We know how it is: you’re a marketer and you’re looking for that next big thing to get a competitive advantage and win the hearts of your audience. You might be excited to know that you’ve already got that secret marketing weapon right in your back pocket.

It’s your CMS.

Getting the most out of your enterprise content management system can be difficult—especially when you aren’t even sure what the full spectrum of its capabilities are. And when it comes to CMS tools and features, more often than not we see clients unaware of how to best maximize the system to their advantage, especially within their marketing departments.

Here are a few things you should know.

Getting More ROI from Your CMS.

In today’s market, the need for streamlined tools that provide a high return on investment is greater than ever. As technology continues to change at an ever-increasing rate, companies look to their content management system to do more and more.

Because enterprise content management systems like Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager include comprehensive marketing features, their return on investment is much higher than when features are piecemealed together across tools from multiple vendors. But are you taking full advantage of the hidden gems in your CMS that really help to maximize your investment, including marketing automation, contextual intelligence, and integrated content management?

If the answer is anything but “yes,” you’re leaving ROI behind.

By not taking full advantage of all of the features and benefits of your CMS, you’re preventing your marketing team from having all of the tools it really needs to reach its full potential. Start by upgrading to the latest version of your Sitecore CMS, Adobe Experience Manager CMS, or other CMS platform. The sleek user interfaces and contextual marketing capabilities are just some of the unique features that a CMS has to offer. However, there are several cases to be made as to why you should upgrade to Sitecore 8.1 or the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager in order to take your marketing to the next level.

Leveraging the CMS for Your Marketing Team.

If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of your CMS, you might be wondering, “How can I best leverage my CMS for my marketing team?” Begin by looking to get your team up-to-speed on what your CMS has to offer, and you might even consider getting a free CMS consultation to have an expert walk your team through the platform.

The comprehensive marketing features offered within your upgraded CMS are indispensable to your marketing team because they enable better marketing—all managed under one platform. Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple marketing automation products, as enterprise content management systems like Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager come with these marketing features built right in.

The Benefit of Working with CMS Experts.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your CMS, or simply need some guidance into utilizing all of its features, be sure to go through a certified partner of your CMS provider. Doing so will ensure that your upgrade and overall project engagement is in the hands of a team that understands the unique development challenges posed by a custom CMS. Additionally, certified architects, developers, designers, and administrators provide an integrated approach to delivering relationship-building digital interactions and customized, easy-to-use content authoring experiences that are unmatched.

Axis41, a digital marketing agency that is both a Sitecore-certified partner and an Adobe Experience Manager-certified partner, understands how to best utilize enterprise content management system tools to give more power to your marketing teams. We are skilled at upgrading, optimizing, and maintaining a CMS—all with the goal of making your site perform to its full potential.

Interested in upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore CMS? Want to learn more about its unique marketing features? Contact us today for a free Sitecore CMS assessment.