Designing in Adobe Experience Manager for Multiple Authors but One Brand

Topics: Adobe Experience Manager, Brand Strategy, Content Management Systems (CMS)

At Axis41 we don’t just draw from the brainpower of our expert developers to take full advantage of Adobe Experience Manager, but also the heart power of our rockstar designers.

While it goes without saying that Axis41 has some of the best developers in the biz, it’s our crack team of designers who create, implement, and steward brands within Adobe Experience Manager. But designing for multiple authors on a platformwhile still keeping brand consistencyposes a unique challenge. Each author wants to be “different” and stand out as well as being able to make changes quickly. We absolutely understand how important it is for authors to be independent and agile, but we also know that giving free reign to multiple authors can very quickly lead to a disjointed brand experience. Consider the following case study.

Pacific Dental ServicesA Case Study

Our client, Pacific Dental Services, had 495 independent websites, one for each dental office it supports. Each site was managed by a different dental office, and they all had the exact same site, with only the ability to change minimal content in just a few marketing boxes. The end result was that each office’s site looked identical to the next—a hazard when their physical offices could be literally down the street from each other.

We had to find a way to give the doctors a little freedom, but at the same time maintain brand consistency.

Our Solution to the Problem

Our solution was to create six unique designs, each with eight unique elements that could be mixed and matched to offer a completely individual visual style while still maintaining consistency of the Pacific Dental Services brand. Below is a list of the eight elements we created from which the doctors could choose.

  1. Unique brand canvas image
  2. Unique messaging
  3. Unique treatment of the headline
  4. A selection of marketing boxes
  5. Two styles of button shapes
  6. Varying secondary colors from their palette, used in marketing boxes, the buttons, and the footer
  7. Profile pictures of the doctors and their office storefronts as additions to the home page
  8. An interactive map to the home page, positioned beside the office storefront image

The AEM Experience

By taking full advantage of Adobe Experience Manager’s capabilities from a design perspective, the content management system was a big help to designers as they worked to create a centralized website structure and design that allowed for flexibility within a framework.

We gave the freedom back to the doctors to make their individual businesses stand out, and were still able to maintain control of the Pacific Dental Services brand experience. It was possible because Adobe understands marketing requirements better than any anyone else out there. They have the tools and features built in to allow us to do an absolutely killer job for our clients.

To learn more about how we can help you best use your content management system for all of your marketing needs, contact us today.