Axis41 Builds MongoDB Practice inside Adobe Experience Manager Implementation Team

Topics: Content Management Systems (CMS)

In February 2015, Axis41 announced a partnership with MongoDB, the world’s fastest-growing next-generation database provider ( When asked about the partnership, Joey Smith, liaison and software engineer at Axis41, said, “In all of our Adobe Experience Manager experience, we’ve typically worked with lower author count, but we really wanted to focus on being able to shrink or grow to whatever capacity the client needs us to function at, no matter how big. And MongoDB is the perfect platform to do that with.”

As per the partnership, MongoDB will act as the primary data store for operational applications with real-time requirements for larger-scale Axis41 clients. The more a company expands, the more scalability is necessary, and Axis41 and MongoDB look to help organizations deliver highly-scalable enterprise content management solutions so that each action of each customer can be processed at the highest possible throughput rate. MongoDB excels in common use cases where relational databases don’t; for example, applications with unstructured data, semi-structured and polymorphic data, and any large scalability requirements.

MongoDB can manage data of all kinds, regardless of changeability, providing easy-to-use tools to build powerful apps. “We’re excited to provide more options to our customers looking for more scalable AEM solutions,” Smith said. “Our partnership with MongoDB really opens up another avenue for delivering solutions that can move at the speed of business without burdening IT teams.”

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