5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Version of Your CMS

Topics: Content Management Systems (CMS), Sitecore

We don’t have to tell you how valuable a content management system is—you’re a tech-savvy person who knows your stuff. But the benefits of having the latest version, like maximum scalability and integrated content, are overwhelming.

Get future-proofed with an up-to-date CMS that plays well with new technologies, is equipped for personalized marketing experiences using pinpoint data accuracy, and sports a modern, intuitive interface that will make your life easier. Your content management system is the foundation of your business’s client-facing side, and for many of your customers, your website and content are the first and most important marketing touch points.

Staying current with your CMS is an investment that makes sense. If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are five more reasons why you should upgrade to the latest version of your CMS.

1. Connected Data

With earlier versions of many content management systems, there was no simple way to see a 360-degree view of your customers. You were left relying on your account and analytics teams to spend much of their time pulling captured customer data from multiple sources and channels. Now detailed reporting to monitor and measure customer segments, campaigns, and websites can be done in one place. These reports are created automatically, so your teams are free to focus on improving upon that data, rather than collecting it.

2. Contextual Intelligence

Using your CMS’s contextual intelligence, marketers can now get high-precision analytics that provide deep insights about their customers. Building better customer profiles, and truly knowing your customers, will allow your content to feel authentic. Speak to your customers like you know them personally, because with contextual intelligence, you sort of do.

3. Refined Capabilities

Many content management systems, such as Sitecore, have become the industry standard, offering everything your engineers could want. But for marketers, previous editions of content management systems did not have the capabilities to dig very deep into customer journeys. Using the most recent versions with expanded features, marketing teams can create in-depth strategies focused on personalized customer experiences, tailored all the way down to the individual customer level.

4. Integrated Content

The modern content management system is purpose-built from the ground up to integrate with every part of your website and publishing tools. As devices continue to multiply, it is an increasingly difficult challenge to design customer experiences that feel uniform across all channels. But with the newest version of Sitecore, for example, content can be automatically delivered at scale across every channel and device. Your customers are multichannel—is your CMS?

5. Omnichannel Automation

Marketers truly value delivering seamless experiences across channels automatically so that the right content is presented on the right device to the right audience. By creating this type of experience, you build lasting connections that turn customers into advocates who love your brand. With CMS engagement automation, you can map profiles and real-time behaviors to drive on-the-spot decisions at every touch point, allowing you to maximize your ROI.

Getting the latest features in your CMS is vital for a rapidly changing market. Customers are increasingly expecting a personalized experience. As CMS experts and a Sitecore-certified partner, we can upgrade your CMS while staying on-time and on-budget. Unlock the full potential of your CMS and request a free Sitecore CMS assessment today.