The Science of a Sitecore Upgrade with the Art of Axis41

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Customers’ expectations change with what new technology makes possible. So businesses need to continuously work to take their marketing efforts to the next level. And that means having a website that delivers the whole package: one that’s easy to use, enjoyable to look at, and gives customers content that fits their needs exactly.

Upgrading your Sitecore CMS to the latest version will give you the tools you need to keep your website on top of today’s customer experience trends. And choosing an implementation partner that’s just as well versed in technological science as they are in the artistry of awesome site design makes upgrading to the newest Sitecore version practically painless.

Upgrade Sitecore without pulling your hair out.

Since its release, you’ve probably already read about the cool new features of Sitecore 8.2. And how features like integrated content management, contextual intelligence, and omnichannel automation work together to help marketers deliver personalized content to anyone, anytime, in any channel, and to scale.

But just thinking about the time and resources it takes to transition from one version—not to mention retooling your site to leverage new features—may have left you feeling apprehensive about diving right in. Because Axis41 is a fully stocked creative and tech shop, we can help you every step of the way, from drafting the right CMS strategy to creating exceptional user experiences.

We truly are a one-stop digital marketing shop.

As a Sitecore Certified Partner, and with a combined 50 years of CMS implementation experience, our developers have learned a thing or two about designing and executing efficient transition strategies. And they know how to configure enterprise content marketing tools so the sites they support perform to their full potential.

While our developers get busy laying the groundwork for a successful implementation and deployment, our UX/UI teams work alongside identifying opportunities to improve site usability before relaunch. Our website designers are in-house as well, ready to make changes to aesthetics and layout, as recommended by the UX/UI teams. Simultaneously, our SEO teams research keywords that will make the site easy for customers to find in web search. And our analytics teams define site goals and page KPIs, and ensure appropriate tracking is set up.

Because our business model blends technology, content strategy, and creatives, we’ve won over 130 CMS implementations since we started in 2001, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Paving the road for Sitecore success for Utah Transit Authority.

Earlier this year, UTA, Utah’s public mass transit company, needed to make their website more responsive to support the growing mobile needs of their 45 million annual riders. So they brought us on board to transition their website to the Sitecore CMS, as well as a redesign.

While our engineering team worked on building the technical foundation, our UX/UI team got to know UTA’s site visitor habits, so the redesign would meet their specific needs. They found that 90% of visitors were only using rider tools while on the site. This knowledge inspired our design team to create a vehicle locator tool for riders to see buses and trains along their routes in real time.

Their move to Sitecore gave UTA the ability to make stronger connections with their more digitally-savvy customers. And because they partnered with us, they didn’t have to find and work with one agency for developers, one for UX, and one for design, saving them time and resources.

Learn how our art + science approach can make upgrading easier.

At Axis41, our strategists, creatives, and technologists perfectly blend engineering and design so our clients can deliver their most meaningful marketing. Take advantage of our free Sitecore CMS assessment, and together we can determine a course of action for upgrading that works best for your organization.