The Best Tool in a Marketer’s Toolbox: A Good CMS

Topics: Sitecore

Many marketers and technologists underestimate how valuable a tool their CMS is, especially when it’s up-to-date with the most recent versions and features. If your CMS happens to be Sitecore, an updated version is more than just a powerful tool—it’s a whole new toolbox.

Previously, we’ve discussed the 7 reasons why Sitecore is knocking it out of the park with marketers, but here are some more of the added tools you’ll discover with your fully updated and future-focused Sitecore CMS.

Every bit of data. One spot.

Connecting customer data across online and offline channels is challenging. But without that ability, delivering truly impactful customer experiences is impossible. Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) captures and organizes every bit of your data—all in one place.

With xDB you get customer data that informs you on each individual person’s experience, their interactions, who they are, and what they want.

•Access customer data in real time, at a massive scale, and use it to tailor subsequent brand interactions and experiences to meet customer expectations.

•Collect and incorporate data from platforms like ERPs, CRMs, customer service, and non-Sitecore websites.

Know your customers.

Using the data collected through xDB, Sitecore automatically creates a profile of each individual called an Experience Profile (xProfile). xDB tracks every detail from every interaction, including a customer’s location, purchase history, interests, time spent on sites, and more. So profiles continually grow richer, allowing marketers to deliver spot-on personalization.

Expand your metrics with xProfile, and store each real-life visitor as a single source view that combines integrated data from other systems, and get a much more intimate understanding of your visitors.

•Stay ahead of your data by reporting overall engagement value by customer, by campaign, and across multiple channels.

•Create “Pattern Cards”—numerical measurements of user preferences that align with traditional buyer personas.

Test and optimize.

When you have a full view of your customers, Sitecore Experience Editor can help you discover if the message you deliver is the best possible one for each customer, and help you refine it as needed.

Use Sitecore Experience Editor to conduct A/B and multivariate testing, goal tracking, and path analysis to reveal where campaigns, channels, and traffic sources perform best for each demographic.

•Easily pinpoint successes and continually refine and improve conversion rates with every page, email, image, and component you create.

•Find best-match customers for your content rather than constraining your testing results to simple winners versus losers.

Make your intelligence contextual.

Experience Analytics on the Sitecore Experience Platform lets you measure the value of every interaction, every engagement, and how it accomplishes and accelerates your marketing objectives. True, powerful contextual intelligence brings the Sitecore xDB to bear, so you’re getting the full value out of the data and analytics you’re collecting.

With Experience Analytics you can track traditional web metrics like visits, journey patterns, downloads, conversions, keywords, and more.

•Identify patterns and trends in customer interaction data collected from multiple data sources with over 80 different out-of-the-box reports.

•Know your marketing efficiency for each digital channel and effort to drive better engagement with the Engagement Value Scale.

See how we transitioned Utah Transit Authority to the Sitecore CMS, so they could use data to deliver better rider experiences to their customers, while offering easy-to-use content authoring experiences to their marketing teams.

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