Increase Unique Visitors by 206% with Content Marketing: a Travel Industry Case Study

206% increase in unique visitors

Topics: Content Optimization, SEO, Web Marketing

In May of this year, a travel industry client of ours saw their marketing efforts were stagnating.  Their pageview numbers and unique visitor traffic had been flat for two months. We knew something had to be changed — or rather, added.  The first step was to review the data and identify opportunities for improvement.

Adobe Site Catalyst is synonymous with web marketing and metrics.  With the help of Site Cat, we conducted an in-depth keyword analysis and identified two keyword areas where our client could use expanded content: “condo” and “bedroom.”

We outlined a web marketing action plan to capitalize on this niche keyword area that would give our stagnant data a lift.  Our content optimization plan consisted of adding (depending on the property) condo pages that spoke directly to the number of  bedrooms. Each page had a minimum word count and led to the client’s booking engine with a direct call to action.

Page launch was completed in early June across all sites and with keywords containing “condo” & “bedroom”. By June 30, 2012, page views had increased by 191% and unique visits increased by 206%. We saw our biggest increase from May to June, but are still seeing increases of 3-4% on a consistent monthly basis.

Another factor contributing to success of these pages was the content.  Previously, each property site was filled with local-area information such as activity and nightlife content, which was interesting for the area as a whole, but not relevant to the specific condo unit.  That type of content on those pages did not answer web searchers’ questions about a given property.  With the new page additions, we were able to introduce more rank-able content, which is not only favored by search engines but enjoyed by searchers as well.

Stagnant traffic websites be warned: we are coming for you!