How Has Voice Search Changed Search Engine Optimization?

How Has Voice Search Changed SEO

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Getting your company website noticed is a never-ending challenge. With search engines like Google changing algorithms regularly throughout the year, it can be hard enough to simply update your SEO strategy to keep up with their requirements. In addition, optimizing your website for voice search, which has become more popular in recent years, is quickly becoming an important factor for ensuring your website’s visibility on the internet.

Here are four things you need to know about voice optimization.

Keywords for Conversation

Historically, search engine optimization, or SEO, used to consist of fitting in as many keywords as possible on a given page to make it visible for relevant queries. In the age of voice, however, and with more than half of web searches happening on mobile devices, the context of asking questions and finding related answers has changed. Queries have become longer and more conversational as people ask Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and similar voice assistant programs to perform web searches on their behalf.

To keep your content “visible” for voice search, consider the way real people talk, and document common questions directed toward your business. Once you have a list of frequent queries and statements made about your company, start developing content that provides relevant information for those queries. This will make your website more visible to search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Milestone, Inc. CEO and online marketing expert Benu Aggarwal has a strategy for voice optimization that includes adding FAQ elements to each page of your website. When you build a page’s content around information relevant to voice searches (informational, navigational and transactional answers to potential questions), it naturally becomes easier for voice programs to capture data for queries. You can take this a step further by including structured data markup in your SEO strategy (essentially code that provides metadata to voice programs and search engines so they can quickly identify relevant websites).

Speed It Up

The mobile browsing revolution has led to increased demand for mobile compatibility across websites. Google’s speed update is already penalizing websites that have slow loading times on mobile devices, with some of the web’s slowest loading pages getting dropped out of search engine results pages altogether. Start using analytics tools to find out where your website stands regarding acceptable loading times, and then optimize loading speed so that your website can find its way into the top search results if it is not there already.

Be a Leader

Voice search optimization builds upon a foundation of sound website design that features good content, relevant links, and attractive design. Answer voice queries confidently and provide helpful information, rather than product advertising, to gain trust and become an authority for your niche in the market. Also, consider using social listening tools to stay on top of issues your customers may be facing.

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