Google+ is Not Dead…Yet

Google+ is Not Dead...Yet

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As Google+ sunsets this August, you may have some questions about the shutdown’s impact on your current SEO and Google+ brand page. While the Google+ community has already begun to find replacements for the social platform, you still have many options available for moving your current content and finding a new home for your company’s social life.

If you still have lingering concerns about your Google+ account, we have the information you need to give you peace of mind, as well as some tips for moving forward with your company’s SEO.

Google+ is not the end of Google My Business

Google’s business profiles have always been separate from Google+ despite their interconnected services, so you don’t need to worry about losing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. While the Google+ shutdown means no more Google+ perks for ranking content better with Google’s search algorithms, you can still make the most of your Google business listing by using Google Posts to share news, blog pages, links, and other useful items for both PC and mobile users when they look up your business.

If you’re worried about your business information on Google Places or your Google+ Dashboard, Google has already upgraded such accounts to Google My Business. You can also download existing data on your Google+ account by signing into your Google+ page and going to Google Takeout.

Use the opportunity to develop new social SEO

Regardless of where you choose to migrate your business’s social platform, you can use the switch to redefine how your brand pages interact with customers. One of the reasons cited for the end of Google+ was its lack of competitive interaction against competitors like Facebook, so merely switching platforms may help widen your online audience.

While brand pages are often made for the express purpose of providing promotional content and links that redirect back to a company website, they can be refined into a broader platform for SEO and even data collection. When you use your brand page as a platform to listen to customers, you can unlock a gold mine of information including the places they go to find what they need and the types of content that hold their attention.

Create organic traffic for your brand page now

Forming a space for organic traffic takes time, but high quality, consistently posted content on your webpage can continue driving traffic long after you stop paying for SEM. One way you can help optimize organic search for your content is to place more focus on long-tail keywords rather than banking solely on general, highly competitive and short keyword phrases. For example, “online marketing” already has high-ranking, established results that may drown out your own content. But a more specific phrase such as “online marketing in Salt Lake City, Utah” can help you rank higher in local, specific searches naturally made by search engine users.

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