Google My Business Updates You Should Be Using

Google My Business Updates You Should Be Using

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Google My Business, an online platform that allows business owners to create business listings to help them reach and engage with customers, is constantly evolving to suit the needs of businesses and consumers alike. With that in mind, it’s important to understand how to best optimize your listing.

We’ve compiled some of the latest, most important information to keep you up-to-date with what you can do with your free Google My Business listing.

Recent Updates

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of Google My Business updates is to use its Twitter feed. Some of the latest updates in 2019 include a new community for Google My Business users where business owners can ask questions and get support. The community also offers posts that answer common questions business owners may have about the service.

Other big, recent changes include alterations to business service areas, which in turn affects how customers may view your service area for deliveries. It’s also now possible for new stores to add information about their opening dates through their Google My Business listing.

Current Features

Besides acting as an easily searchable business listing, Google My Business is also a platform which offers several ways to engage with your audience. There’s a booking feature where customers can schedule an appointment directly from Google, for instance. You can also allow customers to message your business via their preferred method so they can engage with your business directly.

Google My Business also includes room for you to create your own posts, and is a great way to spotlight events and specials. In addition to having a place to showcase your business’s offerings, you can also link calls to action, such as “Order Online” and “Call Now” to fully customize your marketing strategy.

A frequently asked questions section can also be a part of your business listing. It’s important to stay on top of this section, as questions that go unanswered by your customers can reflect badly on your business, and may even receive incorrect responses. The good news is that you can have unrelated and incorrect crowdsourced questions and responses removed so that you can maintain a positive and interactive brand experience.

Staying Up-to-Date

One of the most important reasons to claim your Google My Business listing is to have control over how your business is represented online. Even if you don’t intend to curate content for a listing, you’ll be able to set contact information and hours for your business, including holiday hours, for your customers’ convenience.

Google My Business also features information called “insights,” where you can access and keep track of how consumers find your online business listing as well as when your listing was found. With this extra information, you can tailor marketing initiatives even further.

It should go without saying that a complete description, good images, and video are all critical (albeit not new) elements to a nicely crafted page. As Google My Business continues to improve and react to the online market, we can help you use the platform and its latest features to make your business stand out. Contact us today to find out how our experts can help define your brand and drive traffic to your content.