Getting Your Website in Shape for 2017

Topics: Content Optimization, SEO

In addition to the continued cold weather, January brings with it a commitment to resolutions for the upcoming year. While you’ve probably been inundated with ads and articles about fitness goals for 2017, we thought we would provide you with a few ways that you can get your website in shape.

Because, if there’s anything worth toning up in your digital marketing toolkit, your website should be it. Start now and trim the excess (website) weight in preparation for a banner 2017!

Quality Content

High-quality, engaging content consistently remains an important factor for any website. Think of it as a healthy nutrition plan—regardless of how regularly you exercise, a poor diet will ultimately inhibit you from reaching your fitness goals. Despite other areas of your site that may be in tip-top shape, your content needs to be up to par in order to reach your website goals.

It is through your website’s content that audiences find value in their searches, and Google’s algorithm actually rewards content that is helpful to those looking through ranking those pages higher, giving better visibility on the search engine results pages. Should you not have access to an in-house team of content strategists and copywriters, look to outsource to reputable companies and even freelancers that can craft content that is in line with your brand.

Compelling Imagery

Having well-crafted content on your website does no good if that content is not accompanied by compelling imagery. Humans are incredibly visual, forming first impressions within seconds. Similar to how people feel more confident after having met their goal weight, beautiful imagery is your opportunity to put your website’s best foot forward.

Images should be professional and consistent, convey a message, transcend language barriers, and be easy to understand. Having an in-house photographer or hiring one as needed will be money well spent. You can also invest in quality stock photos as an alternative.

Search Engine Optimization

Like fitness, search engine optimization or SEO, is a long-term play. You cannot expect to simply add keywords to your content and see rank increases overnight; SEO is gradual.

Begin by ensuring all website page metadata is optimized (quality content, appropriate lengths, keyword rich, presence of only one H1 tag, etc.), then take time to review all page content itself. Look for ways to refresh the copy if it has been stagnant for some time, make sure there is no duplicate copy across the site, and check to ensure that the site is responsive.

Clear Navigation

You would never begin a workout regimen hoping for serious results without having prepared a plan first. The same holds true for the way in which your website provides a roadmap for visitors.

Since it goes without saying that today’s internet audiences expect a seamless user experience, it is critical that the navigation of your site is such that users can easily, clearly, and logically proceed. Ultimately, your hope is to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, so take time to ensure the menu structure is well organized and that each page is designed to guide visitors toward a clear call to action.

Calls to Action

Calls to Action or CTAs are like the motivation behind your fitness goals. Perhaps you want to shed some holiday weight, train for a marathon, or simply strive to be all-around healthier.

Like your fitness goals, CTAs on your website are what prompt your visitors to take action. It is through well-crafted CTAs that a sense of urgency is created, conversion rates are improved, and website objectives are met. Remember that both the content—and the placement—of the CTAs are equally important in grabbing your visitors’ attention and getting them engaged. We recommend doing some A/B testing to see what works best for your unique audience.

Multichannel Campaign Approach

In addition to the above five recommendations, having an overall multichannel campaign approach to your website and online presence is ultimately how you will reach the right people, across the right channels, and with timing that drives real revenue. We like to think of it as the personal trainer of workouts; not a common routine—but rather a customized regimen.

It is through a multichannel campaign approach that your customers will receive a personalized experience that rises above the noise of conventional marketing. At Axis41, multichannel campaigns are one of our specialties, and we’d be happy to discuss with you in greater detail what your online presence truly needs to take it to the next level.

Consider the above a total body workout for your website. Spending a ton of time on one area will inevitably result in other areas that fall short. Focusing all of your efforts on everything at once will no doubt lead to fatigue and an inability to stick with a consistent regimen. However, taking the time now to do a little bit in each of the above areas consistently, your website will get in the best shape it’s ever been!

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