Why Buy Into People-Based Marketing?

Why Buy Into People-Based Marketing

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As part of the Merkle network, Axis41 believes in the marketing methodology of our parent company: People-based marketing. But what does this entail?

People-based marketing is about knowing your customers and marketing to them as individual people—not proxies or personas. A big motivator to practicing this customer-centric marketing approach is to empower your organization to create more relevant and personalized experiences. But the effort required to properly implement this type of customer-centric strategy is not insignificant; it’s a long-term journey that requires an integration of your company’s customer, technology, and execution strategies—all geared to drive incremental sales and improve lifetime customer value.

To help guide businesses and brands toward a people-based marketing model, Merkle has drawn up a road map. There are three key stages to keep in mind throughout the journey covered by the roadmap. A short summary of each stage follows.

Integrate your customer strategy

First, it’s important to understand that you are creating a customer strategy, not just a marketing strategy. Focusing on your customers’ needs in a manner they want versus a manner you want allows you to build informed interactions with them. The three steps to forming a customer strategy include building a picture of your desired audience, understanding your audience relationships, and creating a flexible roadmap for change.

Integrate your technology stack

Next, it’s necessary to build an effectively integrated technology stack. This requires a platform for enterprise integration and access to data, which will bring multiple signals together for a singular identity. You also need a facility for the real-time receipt and distribution of customer profiles, which enables marketing agility and innovation. Finally, you’ll want a singular platform that leverages intelligence to guide the orchestration of your marketing strategy across channels and media.

Integrate your execution

This last key stage in building a people-based marketing model is about understanding how teams within your organization work together. Start by assessing your current level of maturity on a continuum from a non-integrated, tactical level to a fully integrated customer level. Next, define the roles and responsibilities required to execute this new strategic approach, as well as the metrics for success. A useful tool to guide this process is a journey map that documents the desired future-state experience across the customer lifecycle and defines the requisite enablers.

Start building a customer-centric plan

Today’s CMOs understand that improving the customer experience requires a global approach and the technology stack to match it. To learn more about how to build and implement a people-based marketing methodology, download Merkle’s full e-Book on this topic, Integrating to Transform: The CMO’s Roadmap to People-Based Marketing. Or contact your Axis41 account representative.

You can also register for Merkle’s people-based marketing webinars for a comprehensive session about each step:

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