Simple Ways Remarketing Can Fuel Conversion

Topics: Marketing Strategy

When it comes to perfecting your AdWords strategy for your B2B clients, remarketing is an underutilized technique that really deserves more scrutiny. And while a successful AdWords campaign requires a lot of testing and patience, it can be an especially powerful tool for building your brand and converting leads.

Here are three simple ways to ensure that your remarketing efforts fuel conversion.

1. Utilize Google Analytics

Integrate your AdWords accounts with Google Analytics. This will allow you to get details about the individuals you’re targeting, including geographic location and demographics. Using that data, build your remarketing lists and tailor your messaging so that it will resonate with your audiences.

While customization is important, test out both broad and specific messages to gain a benchmark of what does and does not work.

2. Amplify Video Efforts

Because launching a successful video campaign comes with some difficulty, few organizations are taking advantage of the gold mine that is available. Start by developing a high-quality asset that tells your brand story, then try out some remarketing. Not only does video give a “face” to your brand, but it also is a fun way to connect with audiences.

One great resource to help you get started is YouTube Director onsite, where YouTube will actually film and edit your video ad (when you spend at least $350 advertising it on the platform).

3. Segment Audiences Appropriately

Spend some developing a plan around your audiences. Separate your lists based on the offer your audience viewed, and remarket the items that they have already showed interest in (rather than trying to pitch them something unrelated). Next, consider whether you have a product or service line that is often an impactful secondary purchase, send it to the individuals that already purchased the first item, and let them know just how much better their lives could be with both.

Another important consideration is your unique buying cycle. Often with B2B marketing, the buying cycle can be months or even years long. So design landing pages that help potential clients continue through your funnel over the long term and that are segmented by specific page views from a previous step in the funnel as well as length of time since they last visited the site.

If you find that your AdWords remarketing initiatives are not making the cut, try the above three steps to revamp your strategy through data utilization and video. For help on any of your remarketing efforts, contact Axis41, A Merkle Company, today.