Getting to Know Your Target Audience in 2019

Getting to Know Your Target Audience in 2019

Topics: Marketing Strategy

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reexamine your company’s target audience. As social platforms and search engine algorithms change, so too do the interests and needs of your potential customers. Stay in tune to these interests and needs by utilizing your business’ marketing tools to listen to and resonate with the audience to whom you wish to advertise.

Read on and discover four tips to help you develop the right mindset to achieve this.

Trend toward relevancy

Attaining “relevance” without sacrificing substance or quality is a challenge. Jean-Luc Ambrosi, marketing professional and writer for CMO, explains that “relevant messages, relevant products and relevant interactions foster emotions that touch the psyche of customers… Managing the customer experience by enhancing emotional bonds, not simply meeting functionality, will bring customers closer to your brand and your offerings.”

In short, making your message relevant to your target audience is less about focusing on the latest social media tools and topics and more about being aware of the social context that attracts consumers to your products in the first place. Research from Deloitte’s consumer review supports this idea, citing that businesses will benefit from content that informs and educates more than content that only upsells itself.

Create engaging information

Engaging content, at its core, is content that produces a measurable emotional response from readers. Though it sounds simple, this concept can take on many different meanings across companies, social platforms, and analytics. In order to structure your marketing campaign for maximum engagement, keep your focus on who your target audience is.

Once you have a strong sense of who will be consuming your content, go the extra mile to provide information customers will find useful, not just the latest and greatest points about your products or services. This often means weaving narratives into your marketing content or even coordinating with consumers to encourage shares, likes, and retweets.

Listen like a pro

Social listening keeps you aware of more than just your social pages; it allows you to learn about content that keeps your target audience engaged. It also helps you to uncover consumer concerns and ideas for future improvements and developments as the market progresses.

Social Media Examiner’s Zoe Summers offers a great strategy for developing your company’s social listening: use social media platforms to search for what consumers are saying about your competition. Find what consumers love about a product, what turns them away from it, and the techniques used by companies to either build loyalty or lose it as they address concerns.

Use the creativity of your audience

User-generated content is an increasingly popular type of content on social media. This type of content comes directly from consumers, and its inclusion in marketing campaigns makes them more relatable. As more tools are developed for streamlined user-generated content in 2019, it’s worth considering adding this content from your target audience to your marketing campaign.

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