A Complete Guide to Working with a Hybrid Agency

Topics: Marketing Strategy

Many businesses, whether start-up or enterprise, turn to an agency at some point for help with marketing, creative, strategy work or technical assistance, such as development and analytics. With the sheer volume of agencies out there, each supplying the industry with a niche specialty, it can be difficult to determine what type of agency will best suit a company’s needs and help it meet its marketing objectives.

The answer may lie in hybrid agencies. As a fairly new player in the agency scene, the hybrid style developed out of the need for one-stop strategic marketing services and has grown into a leader in the digital marketing agency realm. What once may have taken several agencies and digital production companies to accomplish is now being done through a single, in-house team. In simple terms, a hybrid agency is a traditional creative agency, a digital production house, and a Web technology company all rolled into one.

1. Why a hybrid agency?

One of the main benefits of working with a hybrid-style digital marketing agency is their ability to create fully-integrated strategic marketing solutions. They do this by removing the segmented industry conventions that divide design, strategy, and development and merge them into one complete, in-house strategic marketing solution. In fact, a hybrid agency’s ability to move past just creative work to creating and executing strategy against business objectives is what sets it apart. In short, hybrid digital marketing agencies are able to see the big picture and make it happen.

This type of agency functions by building in-house teams devoted to specific clients and their business objectives. From initial concepts to implementation, the client will have dedicated strategists, Web designers, content creators and developers running an open dialogue with each other and the client throughout the process, measuring each step for optimum functionality and revenue.

2. Choosing an agency

Once the decision is made to work with a hybrid digital production agency, the next task at hand is to select an agency with the right strategic marketing know-how to meet the company’s needs and business objectives. Not all agencies are alike, nor are all hybrid agencies. Meeting with several different digital marketing agencies will help determine which one will make the best strategic partner.

The best digital marketing agencies havean ability to strategically solve business problems, not just design a beautiful ad or website. Look at who their past and current clients are and ask to see a portfolio of their work as well. Additionally, case studies and press releases help establish a correlation between business objectives to end results. The strongest agencies will show clear success in strategic marketing practices.

3. Working with the agency

Agility is one of the hybrid digital marketing agency’s main strengths. That makes working with such an agency a very different experience than working with a traditional ad agency. A hybrid workflow focuses on close communication and collaboration, both within their internal teams and with the client. They see each portion of the big picture as an individual solution and treat it as such with rapid iterations and frequent feedback at each step. A company working with a hybrid agency can expect to work in close collaboration and see deliverable solutions early on and throughout the entire process, not just the final product.

By giving such in-depth attention to each piece of the project, hybrid agency marketers are also able to easily see when and where changes are needed and quickly adapt the strategy. In fact, digital marketing agencies don’t just respond to problems, they expect them. Hybrid teams aren’t afraid to fail on the small scale to learn what is needed on the large scale. They are motivated, creative and given the support to make decisions and respond to challenges. The result is a stronger final product and more satisfied client.

4. Expected Results

Because of the diverse and innovative nature of digital marketing agencies, they typically turn out more diverse and innovative work. Creative concepts, media strategies, industry research and analytics are stronger due to the fact that they are given equal importance in the marketing strategy throughout the partnership. It’s not just the end results that will make a difference either. The long-term strategic marketing plans put in place from the beginning will not only overhaul a company’s creative work, but their revenue and cost savings as well. A company working with a digital marketing agency can expect to see diversified revenue driven equally across all business channels.

Many digital marketing agencies will offer a Web content management system (CMS) implementation through a devoted tech team. Adobe Experience Manager, and other enterprise-level Web CMS solutions, are designed to streamline and optimize content creation and management, as well as website functionality while increasing cost savings. As an Adobe partner, the Axis41 AEM Team has over three years experience in Adobe Experience Manager implementations and helped clients establish a more profitable online experience through customized solutions.

5. An ongoing partnership

The work done by a hybrid agency may be a one-time project, but many companies benefit from building a long-term, ongoing partnership with their digital marketing agency. That’s because the strategic marketing they’ve put in place will be just as relevant years down the road as it is today. By creating, understanding and executing the marketing strategy, the agency will also be able to determine how and when it should evolve along with the changing industry while still meeting business objectives. The modern digital marketing agency is agile enough to respond to an ever-changing online marketing industry and tech-savvy enough to provide on-going marketing strategy and technical support to its clients, especially those who have implemented and established a Web CMS.


For over 12 years, Axis41 has assisted clients with fully-integrated strategic marketing solutions. Based on a hybrid agency approach, Axis41 merges the creative and the technical into one cohesive client experience. To learn more about Axis41’s services or how a transition to Adobe Experience Manager can help your company, contact Axis41 today.