A 360-Degree Look At New Immersive Mobile Technology

Topics: 360-degree video, Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that video popularity is growing fast, but today’s consumer wants a different experience than that of the 2D, point-and-shoot world of yesterday. And as mobile video technology continues to evolve, new ways to connect with your audience are emerging.

Now, you can insert your audience into your brand story, transform their experience from passive to interactive, allow them to change the narrative, and be the catalyst for their transition from prospect to advocate. How do you accomplish all of that? Through 360-degree videos.

An Expected Shift in Video Marketing

360-degree video is the latest in immersive video formats and mobile marketing technologies. It’s shifting how viewers consume mobile video content, enabling them to engage in a virtual-reality-like format and dictate the direction the storyline will take. Big organizations such as Facebook are beginning to take notice of this and have recently acquired Oculus Rift, the leader in virtual reality technology, to bring Facebook up to speed in this innovative technology.

Other globally-renowned businesses are also seeing the opportunity. BMW released this 360-degree video of their M2 line on the YouTube app, allowing mobile viewers to explore the cars from 360-degrees at top speed as well as the track’s surroundings. The video is introducing new customers to the M2 line with over 5M views on their U.S. YouTube channel alone.

ReelSEO, an online video marketer’s guide and resource for analysis, tips, and trends for the online video and internet marketing industries, articulated it best when they described the shift to 360-degree videos as such:“Video marketing, which relies on storytelling, changes in that marketers and advertisers must tell stories that allow consumers to experience their product, instead of just watch it in action.

Why Should You Create 360° Videos

You have the opportunity to deliver consumers’ first augmented reality (AR) experience, and should leverage that opportunity to connect—and fast. But why else consider 360-degree videos? Here are just a few ideas, off-the-cuff:
• You can leverage new, different types of experiences that consumers want.
• You can create content that only the likes of Facebook and BMW have dared to explore thus far.
• Your videos can offer a customized experience across a variety of mobile platforms (YouTube to start).
• The analytics data generated from this technology will inevitably help you see exactly how a person behaved while watching, and which part(s) of the 360-degree video appealed to varying audience segments.

Explore Your Surroundings in 360°

Thanks to KPMG, an Axis41 partner and client, we were fortunate to explore this new video technology in our booth at Adobe Summit 2016. Try out this technology on your phone through the YouTube app now by taking a tour of the booth.




Our marketing teams are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technologies and partnerships with organizations that facilitate that mission. We are excited to continue finding ways to use technologies like this to help our clients create the best and most innovative customer experiences.

If you’re ready to transition your potential customers into faithful followers, now is the time to get started creating the most immersive customer experiences to date—with 360-degree video. Contact Axis41 today for all of your video production needs.