7 Reasons Why Sitecore 8.1 Is Knocking It Out of the Park with Marketers


Topics: Marketing Strategy, Sitecore

Modern digital marketing is about focus—it’s smart, it’s targeted, and it learns. By leveraging a powerful CMS with advanced capabilities, you’re not only collecting data on your users, but you’re also given the contextual intelligence to turn that into actionable data to drive real results.

Sitecore 8.1 is knocking it out of the park.

Sitecore built a Swiss army knife of functionality to provide the focus and features marketers need, and made a name for itself as a powerful tool in a competitive marketer’s arsenal. Here’s just 7 of the features that make Sitecore 8.1 a marketer’s dream tool.

1. Contextual Intelligence

If we’re going to talk about Sitecore’s focus-enabling marketing power, we might as well start at the top. Sitecore’s leading contextual intelligence integration will allow you to stay in constant contact with your customers by automatically studying user history and trends, and building a personal profile based on that behavior to help better serve them the content they want to see. It’s a win-win for marketers and consumers, and a major step in the future of targeted marketing.

2. Reusable Content

Data entry can be the leading pain point for someone who has literally anything better to do. With Sitecore’s reusable content, you can now input it just once and apply it across multiple presentation layers, Sitecore websites, or even extend content to non-Sitecore sites using the Federated Experience Manager. The content is even decoupled from presentation mode, so you always have the ability to customize the content at any level and at any time.

3. New Look

Alright, you probably already know about this one, but Sitecore 8.1 has a completely redesigned user interface, making Sitecore quicker and easier to use when compared to earlier versions. It’s slick, it’s easy, and most importantly, it’s intuitive, so marketers can zero in and hit the ground running.

4. One View of Your Customer

Rather than breaking users into granular bits of disconnected data, Sitecore builds entire profiles for each individual user that lends context to give data real weight, giving you an edge when building personas and tracking user paths. Having a powerful foundation of integrated data in a single place helps save time, and gives you a depth of insight that wasn’t possible before.

5. Multilingual Content

Will Sitecore help you reach even your Spanish-speaking audience? Sí. Content can be created and maintained in any number of languages. Sitecore even supports external translation software and provides on-demand dynamic creation of documents or webpages in any language. It doesn’t just break through the language barrier; it demolishes it.

6. Email Experience Manager (EXM)

People are absolutely deluged with emails. It’s time to make yours work by tailoring your emails to your customers. Sitecore’s specially built Email Experience Manager is a breakthrough in focused and intelligent marketing. Delight your customers with personalized content that engages, and proves you’re listening, with relevant data that creates a meaningful connection. Personalized marketing won’t just improve your campaigns—it will improve your ROI.

7. Integration

Maybe the most important feature, and one that Axis41 is an expert in, is integration with other software systems (e.g., Salesforce, Eloqua, Translations.com, etc.). Sitecore is a powerful tool, and plays hard, but it also plays nice with others. And that customizability is why marketers keep going back to Sitecore for their needs.

Ready to knock it out of the park by upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore? Want to learn how other businesses have used it? Read our UTA case study and get a free Sitecore CMS assessment.