Axis41 Provides a Hosted Web Solution with Amazon Web Services

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Axis41 recently partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), officially making the Leader in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service available to Axis41 clients.

On-premise web-hosting is one of IT’s most complex, expensive, and time-consuming projects. From purchasing racks and installing hardware to configuring your security layer and more, IT teams spend months trying to stand up new on-premise infrastructure.

On the other hand, deploying AWS can be done in a few hours, start to finish. AWS is a hosted infrastructure solution that allows clients to deploy their websites on the platform without making that investment in hardware and infrastructure.

The feature we like best about AWS (and cloud computing in general) is the elastic capacity—you only use the resources you need. If you have a new product launch or a heavily publicized event, you need not worry about your site going down due to the unexpected influx. If your site is riding a steady wave, you don’t have to eat the cost of extra server space while you wait for another spike in traffic. We chose Amazon Web Services specifically because of their reliable network of data centers and best-of-breed solutions.

With Axis41’s Managed Services team and Amazon’s scalable, cloud-based infrastructure, our customers get all the performance they need at a reasonable price, without the growing pains of a on-premise solution.

To learn more about how Axis41 uses Amazon Web Services to implement Adobe Experience Manager, check out this post on AEM Podcast and read the white paper here.