What Is Digital Experience?

What is Digital Experience

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The success of what you make is subject to the experiences it creates. Users want to connect with brands, whether at home or on-the-go. Digital experience (DX) meets the needs of the modern consumer through the utilization of technology – mobile apps, websites, social media, etc. Harnessing the capabilities of these advancements, brands can build a direct bridge to their customers, allowing them to deliver a better user experience where feedback is readily received, and issues are rapidly resolved. 

As with any structure, this bridge requires building components. At Axis41, A Merkle Company, our digital experience team builds this connection between brands and their consumers atop five pillars: strategy, design, content and campaign, platforms, and optimization.

Experience Strategy 

Strategy is the foundation of any successful campaign. Without it, the digital experience won’t be tailored to your customer, resulting in missed connections because of impersonal communication (33% of consumers left a brand due to an impersonal experience). Before designing your digital experience, our team dives into the data to better understand your audience, competitors, key performance indicators (KPIs), and important interactions that shape consumer actions (the customer journey).

Combining our expertise with the latest technologies – test programs, AI and machine learning, and analytics – Axis41 customizes a digital experience strategy for you with the accuracy of robust data as our guide. 

Experience Design

Are your users able to find what they’re looking for? Is the checkout process fluid? Good design is about more than aesthetics; it provides an intuitive interface that guides your customers down the path to conversion. Of course, all this needs to be done while staying on brand. 

Designing a digital experience is about knowing what messages resonate with your customer, where to place those messages, and how to model them in an engaging way. In fact, by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

User research and testing is paramount to effective digital experience design. Our team puts your platform in the hands of users to see how they interact with it, what problems they encounter, what elements they’re drawn to, and more. This information allows us to remodel your digital design around their wants and needs. 

Experience Content & Campaign

Content is how a brand spreads its message. From social media to blogs to advertisements, content is how you introduce consumers to your brand. However, content is more than simply saying who you are and what you’re selling; it’s about tone, delivery, and style. Striking the right chord involves campaign strategy (market research, objectives, audience targeting, implementation, monitoring, and measurement), optimization, and management.

More than copywriting and SEO, Axis41’s digital experience content team unleashes the power of words with a dynamic set of tools, such as microcopy, intelligent content, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content authoring, and campaign content. Backed by these innovative technologies and features, we can create unparalleled, personalized content experiences to meet the demands of the 76% of consumers that expect companies to understand their needs. 

Experience Platforms

Digital experience platforms manage everything from content to assets on a larger scale than traditional content management systems (CMS), and enable omnichannel (cross-channel) solutions, enhanced data integration, and multi-touchpoint management capability. This innovative upgrade makes it possible to track your customer’s journey from initial contact to purchase completion, including activities and behaviors associated with your product or service. As 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if a company provides recommendations based on their purchase history, having this information at the ready can prove invaluable. 

Axis41’s digital platform expertise extends to DevOps, software engineering, application integration, e-commerce solutions, and more, allowing us to help you smoothly transition to a state-of-the-art, customer-based system. 

Experience Optimization

Consumers are anything but stagnant. As they evolve, it’s up to you to provide an experience that meets their changing expectations. Optimization is the process of continually testing and tinkering in pursuit of the right formula that resonates with your audience — because in modern customer experience, a website is never finished. 

At Axis41, our team is uniquely positioned to connect data, analytics technology and automation to supercharge a high-performance experience capable of impacting your clients.

When properly executed, digital experience keeps you connected with consumers across channels – in-store, online, and everything in between. This includes tracking their online behaviors, brand interactions, and purchasing history to adequately predict what to show them and when. Investing in your digital experience can yield high returns, with 56% of CEOs saying digital improvements led to revenue growth, and 73% of consumers using multiple channels before converting. 
Modern consumers want modern ways of connecting with your company. Contact Axis41, A Merkle Company, today to see how our digital experience team can bring you closer to your customers.