One-to-One Marketing: Connecting with Your Customer

One-to-One Marketing: Connecting with Your Customer

Topics: Digital Experience

Consumers want more personalized brand experiences, as 76% of them expect businesses to understand their needs. But what does this mean for your business? It means that now is the time to invest in dynamic advertising that is capable of delivering results based on users’ purchase histories, search behaviors, and prior touchpoints (interactions) with your brand. 

One-to-one marketing, or relationship marketing, was developed to foster brand loyalty and increase ROI by eliminating wasted spend on ineffective advertising. Being able to connect with your consumer on a personal level is done by incorporating data with modern technology, like machine learning and AI, to curate hyper-relevant ads pertinent to that unique individual. 

At Axis41, A Merkle Company, our team maximizes the capabilities of your data with innovative technologies (Adobe Data Management Platform (DMP), Analytics, and Target, as well as Dentsu Aegis Network’s M1 platform) by creating highly personalized user experiences. 

Adobe Data Management Platform 

Harvard Business Review found that 73% of consumers use multiple channels — online and offline — throughout their conversion journey. But this omnichannel (cross-channel) route can result in information being siloed across departments. Adobe DMP connects this siloed data to ensure that teams are able to deliver consistent user experiences with the same information at their disposal. 

Adobe DMP also compiles first-party data from CRM, web, email, point of sale, and other sources. This robust information can then be used to create detailed audience profiles, as well as lookalike audiences built using insights and similar behaviors of your best customers. These profiles are capable of being managed across devices, meaning your message is hitting its target audience, whether that person is browsing on his office desktop or checking social media on his smartphone. 

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics, unlike other platforms, isn’t just about showing you the data. Rather, this advanced software has built-in machine learning and automation to dive deeper into each user experience from virtually any channel (web, video, app, mobile) and discover important insights. Adobe Analytics then attributes each touchpoint to its corresponding channel, allowing you to see how different actions throughout the customer journey affects conversions. 

Analytics requires action. Adobe Analytics makes it easy to act by analyzing the data in real-time and displaying the information in simple to understand visuals. The platform even lets you plan ahead with predictive features powered by AI that forecast future opportunities based on customer behaviors. 

Adobe Target

Adobe Target offers enterprise-level personalization. This involves A/B and multivariate testing, cross-channel customization, and powerful machine learning and AI-driven algorithms. Using Adobe Target enables campaign optimization by testing various versions of your digital experience (content, layout, UX) to determine which is most effective. Omnichannel personalization further improves your campaigns by delivering consistent cross-channel digital experiences throughout a customer journey, based on that customer’s profile. 

Axis41, A Merkle Company, partnered with Adobe Systems in 2011, and we’ve since become experts at helping businesses integrate and realize the potential of software like Adobe DMP, Analytics, and Target. For more information about leveraging the full suite of Adobe Experience Cloud products, contact us today

M1 Platform

M1 is an entirely people-based audience targeting platform, and it’s exclusive to clients of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). While other platforms measure against proxies (like cookies), M1 uses real people to glean detailed audience insights and addressable targeting capabilities, resulting in better ad relevance (on average, the M1 platform achieves 20%+ improvement in return on ad spend.)

M1 is backed by DAN’s Publisher Addressable Marketplace (PAM) — an innovative programmatic advertising solution. PAM enhances M1’s potential by opening the door for large-scale targeting and measurement across premium publisher audiences. Working in unison, M1 and PAM make it possible to target audiences with precision using hyper-detailed, people-based campaigns.  

Axis41, A Merkle Company, is a member of the DAN family, which means that we have access to both Adobe Systems and the M1 platform. These state-of-the-art technologies give our clients a remarkable advantage in today’s highly competitive landscape. 

Intelligent Content 

Intelligent content is designed for automation, meaning that it’s configured with components that can be mixed and matched. Modularly structured, the content is capable of being repurposed and scaled across channels. Further, with intelligent content, you are able to dictate how copy displays depending on the device. 

Tagging your content with metadata is key to making it intelligent. Metadata allows all your content (text, images, video) to be read by both humans and machines, while also making it possible to automatically assemble, format, and deliver the copy. 

User Experience

The quickest way to lose customers is through a bad user experience (UX). From relevant, intelligent content to easy-to-use navigation and fast loading times (mobile sites that take 3 seconds or more to load result in a bounce rate of 53%), customers expect you to make their journeys seamless. By eliminating common digital stress points, UX can improve conversion rates by upward of 400%.

We help our clients achieve great UX by combining research and best practices to formulate a strategy that we test with real people to see what works and what doesn’t. We then take these results and adjust your campaign to overcome the obstacles between users and conversions. 

Connecting with your customers on a personal basis can not only increase brand loyalty, but it can also bring about cross-selling opportunities and elevated levels of customer satisfaction (71% of consumers get frustrated with impersonal shopping experiences). Not surprising, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator

Why, then, hasn’t every brand prioritized experience? Though the technology is intuitive to use, the integration and implementation processes can be difficult. Our team of experts at Axis41, A Merkle Company, helps you get up and running with top personalization software in addition to teaching you how to utilize the available features. Contact us today to learn more about how we help brands connect with their customers using one-to-one marketing solutions.