Motion graphics design and the Axis41 process


Topics: Creative Design

You know what it is about motion graphics that’s so irresistible? They force marketers to do something more than write taglines or show pretty pictures—a motion graphic has to be informative, entertaining, direct, and clear. It’s immediate value for a viewer, whether or not they ever encounter your brand again. And the fact that they are relatively inexpensive to produce makes them a staple of marketing communication.

When we produce motion graphics at Axis41, we spend time with the client and their brand, get to know them, and strategically determine what their end goal is. We make sure to clearly define their specific style; if they don’t already have one, we develop a style that fits their style and personality for a unified brand experience.

For example, we did some motion graphics design for a company that specializes in information management. They process and store records for other companies. It was up to us to explain their (fairly technical) process without making it seem overwhelming, too technical, or boring—in fact, we wanted the process to seem a little fun. So we came up with an engaging, simple style that was used for several videos. We were able to tell the story using exaggerated situations in a short, easy-to-understand sketch. See if you can spot clips from that particular video in our reel. Clue: it involves a conveyor belt.

This video is a compilation of some of our favorite motion graphic projects. We hope you enjoy.

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