Three Steps to Ensuring Your Content Gets Discovered

Steps to ensure your marketing content is discovered

Topics: Content Optimization

No matter how carefully-crafted and engaging your copy is, your brand’s potential for success is in many ways tied to your method of distribution and promotion. If that phase is left uncared for, your creative execution efforts will likely be in vain.

With an increasing number of media outlets and platforms from which to publish and promote your message, it’s important that you get this vital portion of your content marketing initiatives right.

Here’s how to ensure your content gets discovered.

1. Consider the distribution options.

Understanding the value of each platform is an important step prior to sharing your content. While many brands simply post their messages everywhere with the hope that they reach their intended audiences, a careful evaluation of each channel is necessary to ensure that the right people will be reached who are receptive to your message and who will make a meaningful business impact.

Start on a single channel or owned media platform, like a blog, and get really good at generating quality content. Once you’ve built an audience, extend their experience by trying out additional channels.

2. Develop a channel plan.

Once you’ve decided which distribution channels to utilize, you need to develop a plan to ensure that all parties involved know what is expected and that all initiatives are in line with your content strategy.

Start by building an actionable distribution plan, including audience, goals, and team resources. Make sure it aligns with your editorial calendar, and that it is organized in a way that can be easily referenced, updated, and shared.

3. Promote your content.

Posting your content and hoping that audiences find and engage with it won’t cut it. In order for your content efforts to be successful, you need to ensure that it gets found by the right audiences.

Begin by optimizing your content for organic search, including metadata, keywords, link building, and calls to action. Consider amplifying the power of your content with paid promotion, and recycle top-performing assets to extend their reach.

Don’t let your content marketing efforts go to waste. Distribute your content wisely and promote it purposefully, and then watch as you enhance your brand.

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