Five Simple Rules for a Great Website

5 simple rules / great website

Topics: Content Marketing, Content Optimization, Web Design, Web Development

When you’re building your Website, if you follow these Five Simple Steps you can’t go wrong.

The First Rule when it comes to building your website is this: Always Challenge Assumptions.

It’s tempting to simply look at what your competition is up to and say to yourself, “Well, I guess I can do that, too. If they’re doing it, I need to do it.”

It’s much better, to take a moment, and think to yourself, “What can I do differently? What can I do that will set me apart, take what they’re doing and do it better.” There’s nothing wrong with learning from your competition. Look at their site, use an editing eye, and put your own spin on it. If all you do is copy them, you’ll never be better than them. You have to differentiate yourself from the market and the very best way to do that is to blaze your own trail.

On top of that, many companies use bad practices, poor keywords, and poor design when building their site. Copying a site that is poorly made won’t help you out any. Build your site with your brand and your users in mind.

The Second Rule in building your own corporate presence is: Provide Rich Content.

It’s typical to see many corporate and business websites full of filler text that looks good but has very little substance. People will visit your site and quickly fall to sleep at their desks. They definitely won’t bother reading it. It’s more important now than ever before to engage your customers when they are at your site. Skip the corporate PR and get right down to the business of delivering your message.

In addition to having those potential customers of yours stop and read, rich content will provide far better SEO possibilities.

The Third Rule in building your corporate site is: Make it “Sticky”.

What is “Sticky” you ask? It’s a term often used in marketing to describe the degree to which a website encourages visitors to stick around — and more important — come back again later.

Website owners often assume, mistakenly, that nearly every visitor to their site is spending large amounts of time clicking carefully through each link and reading their materials. Quite often this is not the case. The unfortunate reality is that most visitors leave your site within 15 seconds (at the most) if you don’t grab their attention. Axis41 utilizes technology from Google and Adobe to give you on-site information on visit duration when you need it and in a way that you and your team can easily understand

The Fourth Rule in building your corporate site is: Bring in the Professionals.

Every industry has a substantial body of accumulated knowledge that is only gained through years of experience, study, trial and error, and industry participation. The Web Design and Development industry is no different than any other. A true professional agency can give you an essential perspective on what really works — and what really doesn’t. By providing a team of various disciplined professionals, they can provide the whole picture from design, to development, to content strategy and more. From Desktop to Mobile, everything is covered and you will get the best advice that will put you ahead of the competition and prevent you from wasting money on “tricks” that don’t work. We can also tell you how long visitors stay on your site, what pages they visit, the path they take through your site and how you can use that information to improve your site.

And, finally, the Fifth Rule in building your corporate home: Love Your Website.

It’s essential to work with professionals to build a corporate website you can be proud of. You wouldn’t want your office building in a bad neighborhood with graffiti and poor lighting. You would never want your customers to see that. Your online presence is no different. If you take pride in your website, if you are proud of your website, your website will work tirelessly for you day and night. Your pride will show through to your customers.

Furthermore, this approach will inspire your customers, and it will drive you to keep improving and refining your site. As your business grows, as the industry changes (and it never stops changing), your site will grow and change. The Internet is a fundamental part of our economy and your site will be there and take part in it. Find out how our Web designdevelopment, and marketing teams can benefit you and your website today.