New Year, New Strategy: Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Content Marketing Trends in 2020

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Content marketing is an ever-evolving tool that requires continual strategy updates to ensure optimal impact. As we approach the new year, content marketers have weighed in on how they think content strategy will change in 2020 and what can be done to stay connected with the growing pool of dynamic consumers. Below are some changes to watch for in 2020 and how to adjust your content strategy to meet these challenges. 

1. Content as a Product 

Before being placed in front of consumers, products undergo thorough research and development to make them the best they can possibly be. Content should be treated the same way: Continual testing and tweaks to formulate concise messaging that delivers maximum delivery with minimal interruption. This can be accomplished by focusing on engagement — tracking the analytics to see what appeals to your audience, and what can be trimmed.  

2. Top-Down Content Creation 

Testing your message takes time, which is a luxury few have when it comes to writing content for clients. Emphasizing a top-down approach (tying your message to the organization’s core mission statement) establishes a foundation for on-brand copy. From there, unwrap the mission to see how it correlates with the products or services you’re writing about. Content strategy is more than selling a product, it’s main objective should be creating brand loyalty. Connecting consumers to the overall brand mission is a key step in building a lasting bond. 

3. Think, Feel, Do

The success of content marketing boils down to one measurement: Engagement. This could mean anything from a click to a video view to a form completion. Getting someone to engage with your copy is accomplished with a think, feel, do approach — crafting a message that evokes curiosity, elicits emotion, and inspires action. Social proof (social media posts, testimonials, product reviews), case studies, videos, and expert opinions can all be ways of bolstering your content to get readers to think, feel, and do. 

4. Story Time 

Everyone loves a good story; it captures the attention with vivid imagery, interesting characters, and purposeful pacing. A good story is evergreen, or always in season. Turn your product or service into a story by highlighting real users and what part your brand plays in enhancing their lives. Without major brand recognition, getting readers to connect with your logo can prove difficult. Showcasing how that logo affects their peers with proper storytelling is much more impactful. 

Content marketing without strategy is akin to throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, often resulting in minimal returns. Rather than writing blindly, look at how your audience interacts with your brand — digitally, on mobile, and traditionally. Keeping your pulse on marketing and consumer trends can save you time testing, help avoid costly errors, and increase business performance. 

With a new year comes the need for a new strategy, so start preparing your content marketing strategy today in preparation for a successful 2020. Need a hand with your content marketing? The experts at Axis41, A Merkle Company, have you covered.