How to Write Effective Digital Marketing Copy

How to Write Effective Digital Marketing Copy

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Just because you can write well doesn’t necessarily mean that you can copywrite well. Time after time we encounter fluff content, dense product descriptions, boring headlines, and choppy keyword cramming; pitfalls that can negatively impact digital marketing efforts.

At Axis41 we love pretty copy. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. It’s essential to tell a story. You won’t engage readers by simply presenting a list of specs and price points; these details are boring and lack a rhetorical element. Create copy that shows a consumer how they can benefit from a product or service and how your brand can help alleviate their need. This gives your audience a reason to care and continue reading.
  2. Hook them with your headline. In today’s hyper-competitive digital marketing ecosystem, an average headline can easily go unnoticed. For most people, creative headlines don’t always come naturally. While everyone’s process for developing headlines is different, a good place to start is by writing down anything related to your content and letting the list grow its own personality; you’ll start to see trends and find word play that you might have otherwise missed.
  3. Correlate your headline with your copy. It’s important that the headline tells your audience exactly what your copy is about. Providing an evasive headline can irritate your audience and make them feel mislead. Try outlining the content or fully understanding what the content is about before trying to craft a clever headline.
  4. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. Don’t fall subject to keyword cramming; neither your readers nor Google will reward you for this deceitful digital marketing tactic. Even though search engine optimization relies on effective use of keywords, stuffing a page with the same word repeatedly can come across as boring and choppy. Google’s crawler can also tell when content is being published just for the sake of adding keywords to a website. Instead of utilizing this technique, write your copy first and determine the keywords after.
  5. Write to be read. In most digital marketing engagements, your goal isn’t to write the next great American novel, but rather to get a point across quickly and easily. Incorporating concise copy that cuts out fluff and gets straight to the point can make your content easier to read and digest. Beautiful prose and interesting grammatical structure might work great in some scenarios, but in body content and descriptions these elements could alienate or bore your audience. A concise, simple structure will make everything more universal and straight to the point.
  6. Get your point across early. Lastly, make the reason for your communication evident quickly. Your reader’s attention will wane the longer they are forced to read. Because of this, present the point of your communication as early in your copy as you can to decrease your bounce rate.

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