Axis41 Assists CrossFit Affiliate Brand In Launch

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CrossFit has reached global critical mass. And for good reason. CrossFit’s unique approach to training has universal appeal that is redefining fitness and driving a worldwide movement. But with close to 5,000 locations in the U.S. alone, competition amongst affiliate owners can be fierce.

With this knowledge in hand, Ben Smith, founder of Top Tier CrossFit in Winston-Salem, N.C., engaged Axis41 to create a brand that would clearly differentiate his box from the many competitors in the area.

“As we laid the groundwork for our box, we knew that our growth and success rested on our ability to deliver a CrossFit experience unlike any other in the area. We wanted to create a world-class experience and that would require nothing less than a world-class brand to support it,” says owner, Ben Smith.

The Axis41 Discovery Process

Starting with an in-depth discovery process, Axis41 outlined and executed an end-to-end brand strategy that encompassed everything from Top Tier’s visual identity to their digital presence including website and social media channels.

“The inherent challenge in building a brand around a CrossFit affiliate box is ensuring that it espouses both the core values of CrossFit corporate, as well as the brand attributes unique to that particular box. Working closely with Ben and his team, I feel we were successful in co-crafting a brand experience that both differentiates itself from competitor boxes and simultaneously reinforces the global CrossFit consultancy,” says Content Strategy Director, Kevin Brimhall.

Axis41 is renowned for its ‘one stop shop’ multidisciplinary approach to building brand experiences, a key success factor in delivering projects on time and on budget.

“By housing strategy, design and development all under one roof, we’re afforded full control over creative development, which drives efficiencies for both us and our clients. This fact is definitely a critical variable in our on-going engagement with Top Tier,” says Axis41 Partner, Reed Wright.

Building A Responsive And Visible Site

Unlike traditional ‘gym’ websites, CrossFit websites are high touch—especially by existing members who visit them on a regular basis for daily workout information.

“We decided right away that we wanted to build Top Tier as a fully responsive site. It was an easy choice because we knew that users would be engaging from lots of varying devices and locations,” states Director of Technical Services, Nathan Tanner.

Another important factor in overcoming high competitor density in the area was ensuring full search and Web visibility optimization.

“Achieving high-visibility on the Web is really a combination of doing many little things right over the long-term from the get go. Slow and steady not only wins the race, it ensures you stay at the top,” says Senior Manager, Digital Marketing and Analytics, Devin Doxey.

A Targeted Marketing Strategy

Currently undergoing extensive renovations, Top Tier is set to open its doors this coming August. In order to drive brand awareness prior to opening, the Top Tier website was launched earlier this month with a concurrent social media and offline channel marketing strategy targeting the local community.

“From day one, our partnership with Top Tier CrossFit has been a very enjoyable one. It’s always a pleasure working with clients who are genuinely passionate about their business and have a clear vision of where they want to take it. Our job is to help transform that vision into a profitable reality,” says Content Strategy Director, Kevin Brimhall.

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