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Here at Axis41 we have had a large amount of growth both in clientele and employees in recent years, which has offered the opportunity of a location change in order to accommodate it all. We are excited to have a brand new space to fit all of our wonderful employees and give them an improved open office layout that provides the ability to work in a more unified and team-centric manner.


The New Space

Our new space, located in the Axis Building at 2nd south and 2nd west, was designed and built out by architect Kim Webb and contractor Duane Marsala along with our partners. The space was completely gutted and reworked in order to create a more open environment with plenty of natural light. The open, contemporary design instills a different and new feeling of intensity, creativity and maturity that goes hand-in-hand with the motivation and hard work of our employees.


Blending Old and New

The redesign of the space includes old and new elements, some of which we brought with us and some were part of the original building. Combining the exposed brick and steel beams with the contemporary sleekness and white walls is a successful design that creates a clean, modern working environment.


Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite architectural elements around the office were actually part of the original building. The circular windows in some of the office spaces were not being utilized for lighting or even design purposes, but the new design of our space allowed us to use them as features and focal points, tying together the aesthetic of vintage craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Another favorite feature of our new space is the exposed steel beams throughout the office. If you look closely, you can see “Carnegie Steel” stamped into the side. It’s an awesome connection to one of America’s greatest businessmen and his endeavors.

Along with the windows and beams, some of the doors are original to the building as well. The doors to the Page Room were restored and reused, and the orange colored doors to the Plant Room have been part of the building for several decades. They were made in the late 19th century in London and originally came from Lloyds of London where they stood at the main entrance to their Leaden Hall Street location from approximately 1890 to 1975. Together, these two sets of doors are some of the most stand-out features in the building and leave an impression on clients and visitors alike.



A Few More Contemporary Elements

The history of the windows and beams, however, don’t take away from the new, contemporary aspects. We took what we loved from the previous office and made it bigger. Sleek white walls, open concept spacing, and tons of natural light contribute to the collaborative relationship each department has with each other.

There are also some eye-catching contemporary architectural pieces that make the space welcoming and inspiring. Stepping off the elevator, you walk into an open reception area that sits directly in front of the huge, light-filled atrium. The television wall across from the reception desk displays some amazing motion graphics designed by our very own Shawn Fritch. The Partners wanted to create an inviting and unique environment for clients that would be different and inviting. This space also gives us the perfect chance to display our work with past and present clients.

One of the most considerable elements of the new design are the wave-like wood panels hanging from the ceiling in the Page Room. The panels as a whole weigh 1,100 pounds and hang perfectly center in the room. The wave-like design offers an artistic fluidity that differs from the otherwise streamlined aesthetic. This piece was the last element to be added to our new space and offers quite the visual impact.


Come See Our New Space

Overall, the new space coupled with the great design promises continued growth and inspiration here at Axis41. We are excited to finally be here after months of design and construction and look forward to the many things this new office will bring. We are located in Suite 4001 at 175 West 200 South, SLC, UT 84101. Stop by and see our new space to learn more about Axis41.