Simple Steps Toward Making Your Content More Readable

Making marketing content readable

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If you find that your efforts to create, socialize, and measure how your audience is engaging with your content is leaving room for improvement, it might be time that you consider making your content more readable.

This can most easily be done through seeing content through your audience’s eyes and focusing on simplicity. Doing so will ensure that your content evaluation efforts are not in vain, but rather help you utilize the right tools and technology to ensure audiences engage with your writing.

Here’s how to make your content more readable.

Focus on the User Experience

Seeing content through your audience’s eyes is no easy task, particularly because the author is more-often-than-not too close to his or her writing to objectively consider a different perspective.

Fortunately, with the onset of AI and natural language processing, you now have the ability to test content for readability and clarity. This will enable you to better determine what the user experience will be, particularly as you consider what type of cognitive load the style of content and amount of words the writing places on your readers’ brains. And, given that attention spans are increasingly becoming shorter, there is little room for language that is confusing, redundant, or too lengthy.

Do Some Testing

One tried and true way to evaluate the readability of your content is by using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level test, which generates a score that is equivalent to the U.S. grade level of education that the reader would require to understand the content (i.e. a Flesch-Kincaid score of 10 should be readable by those who have reached the tenth grade).

Because research has shown that the average U.S. citizen reads at an eighth-grade level, aim for a readability score of grade eight or lower. This might include removing the “clutter” from your writing, like complicated language or density, limiting long sentences, and sticking to active voice.

Don’t let your good writing go to waste because readers choose to disengage. Instead, put practices into place now to ensure that your prose is anything but perplexing. Opt for making complex topics easy to understand, and watch as your engagement levels rise.

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