In Case You Missed It: 495 Customizable Websites in Less Than 100 Days? Here’s How.

Topics: Axis41

Recently, we had the opportunity to present at Adobe Summit 2016, marking it our fourth consecutive year as both presenter and sponsor. We were thrilled to once again return to the digital marketing conference, and to present our session alongside our partner, Pacific Dental Services. Even more exciting was our topic, 495 customizable websites, all on brand, in less than 100 days? Here’s how.

Our presentation was a deep dive into how, through utilizing the Adobe Marketing Cloud, our team of developers successfully created 495 customizable websites in just over three months. Because we as an agency place great emphasis in the equal importance of both art and science, we felt it appropriate for the national dental company’s Vice President of Marketing, Matt Hall, to first present the company’s artistic vision—the art component—followed by our very own Chief Software Architect, Kem Elbrader, to present the more analytical portion—the science component.

Matt explained how Pacific Dental Services had a unique dilemma: they needed 495 independent-domain website properties under one platform and brand, but with the creative flexibility to make each site customizable within a unified brand framework. In other words, they wanted to offer their dentist-owned practices the ability to express their own style, but still maintain a consistent image.

They turned to Axis41 for help.

Having set up the company’s unique problem, the presentation then shifted to Kem, who went into detail about Axis41’s creating a centralized website structure and design that allowed for “flexibility within a framework.” Key takeaways included using:

• Adobe Marketing Cloud’s strengths
• Leveraging existing systems
• Taking advantage of Adobe Experience Manager’s extensibility
• Finding a good partner to help guide you through this process

The result was a successful campaign that fully leveraged the capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud to offer customization within clear brand guidelines.

We are grateful to Pacific Dental Services for affording us the opportunity to work with them, and we are excited about how successful the technical and creative components were from within the context of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

We invite you to watch the full Adobe Summit 2016 presentation below. For more information about the Adobe Marketing Cloud or our work with Pacific Dental Services, contact us today.